Cybran Commander William Gauge 001
"...or if you just want to chat. I DO ENJOY A GOOD CHAT!"

William Gauge to Thalia Kael

Commander William Gauge is the main antagonist in Supreme Commander 2. He makes his first appearance in the third UEF Campaign mission.

Supreme Commander 2Edit

Gauge appears in all of the campaigns of the game, and throughout those campaigns his main goal, allegiance and origin are fairly clouded. As stated by Dr. Brackman, he was a former Cybran commander who apparently got rejected by the Cybran Nation for acts of treason.

In the UEF Campaign, Gauge is the commander of all the Cybran forces you have to otherwise engage, because of his unique colour of yellow for his armies. In that campaign, he only speaks during the 3rd mission, and that same mission is the last time you see him for the rest of UEF campaign. He also is the first commander to use the Kraken Experimental Submarine in the entire campaign. In the Illuminate campaign, Gauge makes more frequent appearances and more details about him are revealed.

In the 4th mission, the Royal Guardians send him as the main operative in the operation, being given more solid details about the mission than Thalia and Jaran. Towards the end of the Illuminate campaign, Gauge has seemingly allied himself with the Royal Guardians. The last time you see Gauge in the Illuminate campaign, is in the 5th mission after you destroy the Illuminate government building, though Gauge is responsible for the nukes at the start of the last Illuminate mission. In the Cybran campaign, a lot more information is revealed about Gauge's past. Gauge is dubbed a 'rogue' Cybran by Dr. Brackman at the start of the 1st Cybran mission, when he launches an assault on Dr. Brackmans Proto-Brain Complex at Seraphim VII.

The very next mission at the abandoned research facility was also recently visited by Gauge, as the capturing Engineers and structures are all Gauges unique yellow colour, (as well as the fact that Gauge uses squads of Engineers to try and capture player units in the final mission, although he doesn't focus on that much). Because of the cutscene after the credits, in which Gauge is seen aiding Dr. Brackman in his experiment to merge himself with what has been rumoured to be a Seraphim brain, it is rumoured that Dr. Brackman gave Gauge the intel of this operation long before Ivan got there, to test the capturing ability of Cybran Engineers.

Gauge is not seen until the last Cybran mission, as Thalia and Dominic state that, along with a Royal Guardian commander, Gauge got through the teleporter to Shiva Prime. Upon defeating the Royal Guardian that made it through the portal, Ivan confronts Gauge on Shiva Prime itself. It is revealed, as Ivan approaches Gauge on Shiva Prime, that Gauge used the Royal Guardians as a source of intel and technology, upon seeing wreckages of Illuminate Universal Colousses and Commanders, as well as Gauge stating that he had 'finished productive meeting with his Guardian friends'. Gauge then utilizes Shiva's ability to create a 'very powerful quantum shield' and proceeds to engage Ivans forces. When the player defeats Gauge, he launches his ACU's escape pod, leaving Ivan with the message that, 'his adventure has only just begun'. Gauge then goes to Dr. Brackmans Laboratory, as stated in the teaser after the credits, and aids him in his experiment as stated earlier.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gauge is a very powerful commander throughout the campaign, and shows off his great power at every location he is at, whether it's launching the mighty Kraken at the Bessel Strait or controlling mighty Illuminate experimentals on Shiva Prime. Gauge is also known to have a very quirky attitude and a very odd sense of humour. It is speculated that Gauge will make an appearance in the next Supreme Commander game, as Dr. Brackman asks Gauge in the teaser after the credits, 'are you ready for a new adventure?'.

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