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The United Earth Federation, UEF for short, is one of the three factions in the Supreme Commander universe. Their technology is relatively conventional compared to that of the Aeon Illuminate and the Cybran Nation, choosing to focus on ballistic warheads rather than energy based weaponry, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. The UEF has the most health and most powerful shields out of the factions, yet have the weakest point and air defense towers out of the factions, but their defense towers are the most effective for large groups of fighters and land units. The UEF usually have Experimentals focused more on health, shields and range.

For history during the Infinite and Seraphim Wars, refer to the Supreme Commander Wiki.


Modern Age

  • 2005—The United States aggressively pursues a program to put a man on Mars.
  • 2010—Man sets foot on Mars using conventional rocket technology. The journey takes more than seven months.
  • 2015—Several Earth governments begin construction of interplanetary "shuttles" intended to explore and colonize the solar system. Limited colonization takes place over the next 40 years.

Quantum Age

  • 2018—Major understandings in quantum physics break open entire new fields of exploration, including applications in space travel.
  • 2025—A single cesium atom is successfully transported 10 feet through a "quantum tunnel" in a laboratory. This is fundamentally different from the "teleportation" experiments done during the turn of the century, which merely "copied" matter. Using quantum tunnels, scientists actually transport the exact same matter to a different location.
  • 2032—A milligram of iron is successfully transported to the surface of the Moon using the combined total output of 25 fission reactors.
  • 2050—First successful living mass tests with quantum tunnel technology. First insects, then mice and larger animals are used.
  • 2055—Monkeys are successfully "tunnelled" to a receiving base on Mars. Human trials begin.
  • 2061—A human team is deposited on Neptune's moon, Triton, using quantum tunnel technology. The journey takes .26 seconds.
  • 2062—A research base is established on Triton to explore interstellar travel.


  • 2108—The first extrasolar human colony is established on a planet in the nearby Alpha Centauri system. The enormous energy cost dwarfs any previous endeavors, forcing scientists to explore cheaper alternatives to sending large teams and their equipment such vast distances.
  • 2110—Earth is united as a single government, named the Earth Empire, with a bold new vision of expansion to the stars. Advancements in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biological engineering give rise to a massive colonization program using a new approach: To conserve the energy of transmission, a seed population of 1,000 bioengineered human DNA patterns is sent along with a single human sealed in a utility exosuit. Onboard nanofabricators are able to use mass and energy gathered at the destination site to construct an automated crèche for the development of the seed population. Raised by artificial intelligence and their own bioengineered skills embedded in their DNA, the colonists begin a rapid program of technological development and population growth to establish a quantum gate network between the initial three "alpha" colonies.
  • 2284—The first 16 colonies, later known as the Prime Worlds, are successfully established. During the following century, the Earth government adjusts to remotely governing an empire of colonies connected by quantum gates. Over this period, it proves its ability to establish and maintain quick and reliable communication and commerce across interstellar distances, effectively govern across those distances, and militarily enforce its laws, trade, population, and social programs. Earth Command, the interstellar military arm of the Earth Empire, fully comes into its own.
  • 2316—The First Great Expansion begins. All colonies of the Prime Worlds begin their own colonization. The Earth government further refines its use of social, economic, genetic, and political programs to maintain order and control. To keep pace with the rapidly expanding empire, limited-capability military suits are derived from the exosuits used in colonization. Instead of nanofabricating colonization equipment, these suits create limited autonomous military units controlled by a human commander. As such, lower numbers of EarthCom personnel are required to enforce order compared to the older "human-heavy" systems. Throughout the colonization period, EarthCom is called on to quell all manner of disturbances ranging from colony disputes to full rebellions, with minimal loss of EarthCom life but the system was inefficient and manned unites were superior and they soon returned to produce manned units .
  • 2525—The Second Expansion begins. More than 110 colonies begin their own colonization efforts. So far, no intelligent alien life has ever been found; many now assume that there is no other intelligent life in the galaxy.
  • 2557—A survey expedition to the distant world of Seraphim II, a promising planet more than 50 times the size of Earth, does not reestablish contact within the standard time window. A routine follow-up expedition is scheduled.
  • 2590—A second expedition to Seraphim II is sent, but also does not reestablish contact with Earth. Seraphim II is marked "hazard" and added to EarthCom's lengthening "investigate hazard" list. Due to increased unrest on the frontier, EarthCom does not send investigation probes to a hazard world for more than ten years.
  • 2619__A probe is sent to Seraphim ll.
  • 2620__The signal from probe 77301863-HX5 sent to Seraphim ll is received. Data from the transmission indicates that there is no sign of the expedition teams, but from orbit, sensors indicate the chance for intelligent life at 92 percent. The information stream was cut short and video data had been corrupted and compromised.
  • 2623.3__Commander Trent Smith of the Earth Empire leads a group of scientists and colonists to Seraphim II. There they encounter extraterrestrial life they subsequently call the Seraphim. The colonists reaction was guided by an old protocol that stated that the world shall be quarantined and a ship sent back instead of a transmission as to not give away earths position.
  • 2623.7__EarthCom sends an entire fleet to quarantine the planet.
  • 2623.9__Commander Smith follows protocol when first contact was made with the Seraphim, a military contingent of soldiers would accompany the diplomatic team. During first contact there was a misunderstanding between the Seraphim and the Earth Empire's diplomats, so in turn the Seraphim were declared hostile by EarthCom's commanding officer at the scene. Five minutes later, eighty eight Seraphim and two marines lie dead.
  • 2623.11__After the incident EarthCom observed the movements of the Seraphim population as the colonists set up a permanent outpost in a remote location on the planet Seraphim ll. In the 2 months since the incident, the Seraphim appear to want seclusion from the invading humans, choosing to walk away or hide rather than communicate.
  • 2624.5__After a 6 month blockade, and the re-establishment of communication with the Seraphim, EarthCom recalls the fleet but leaves the colony on the surface of Seraphim ll. The colonists new mission from EarthCom is to attempt to capture and reverse-engineer the Seraphim's military technology.
  • 2626.6__Contact with the colony on Seraphim ll is lost.
  • 2627.1__Dr. Brackman, the creator of A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), leads a group of "symbionts"(machine based slaves of the human race equipped with artificial intelligence) to the planet Procyon in hopes of escaping the tyranny of the Earth Empire. This event halted the Empire's unstoppable expansion to the stars, and brought attention away from Seraphim ll, as well as projecting the military arm of the Earth empire into war with what was subsequently called the Cybran Nation led by Dr. Brackman.
  • 2669__After 42 years of war with the Cybrans, a transmission is received on Earth from the long lost colony on Seraphim ll. The transmission was an automated distress call that was terminated before it could be completed. The Empire responds by establishing a quarantine around Seraphim II and dispatching military forces to recover the alien technology, that is desperately needed to win the war with the Cybrans.
  • 2670.1__EarthCom forces on the surface of Seraphim ll are overrun by the superior technology of the Seraphim war machines. In a final act of desperation, EarthCom orders the total destruction of the planet's inhabitants. Warships in orbit disperse a virus into the atmosphere that has been engineered to kill only the Seraphim, so in a last effort to strike back, they unleash previously unseen alien battleships and manage to destroy the entire EarthCom armada in orbit. Although the Seraphim won a great victory, every member of their species will fall victim to the virus within one year.
  • 2671.2__Anticipating the death of the entire Seraphim race, EarthCom sends a single probe to scan the planetary surface on Seraphim ll for any surviving life. The results are received as negative, EarthCom states no further interest in Seraphim ll, erasing the system from EarthCom's planetary expansion database. This decision was due to the saturation of the atmosphere with a virus that was not previously tested on the human body.
  • 2675—EarthCom's military forces on Archon VIII, a border world near the Seraphim ll system report civilian resistance. Soon, other border worlds are in revolt, and contact with those worlds is lost.
  • 2675.8—Contact with all EarthCom forces near the previous Seraphim system is lost. To prevent the revolt from spreading, the Empire destroys all quantum gates in the revolting quadrant.
  • 2679__A message is received from Seraphim ll. The colonists that were abandoned by the Empire have become "Enlightened" and they request that the Empire adopt their "way" to prevent galactic catastrophe. Now declaring themselves the Aeon Illuminate. Earthcom cuts communications and sends a fleet to quarantine Seraphim ll.
  • The Infinite War
  • 3200—The Earth Empire has lost control of most its territory. Anarchy reigns across the galaxy
  • 3203__Civil war erupts, with many entire worlds joining the new federation. Earth is torn between factions, war rages for the next 100 years. During this time the Cybrans and the Aeon halted advances into the Empires previous territory, while they continued their war upon each other.
  • 3303—The old Earth Empire is officialy dissolved. The United Earth Federation rises in its place.
  • 3325__The UEF begins a massive offensive under the new flag against the Cybrans and Aeon, capturing many worlds within weeks.
  • 3564—The UEF, Aeon, and Cybrans continue to fight over the remains of the old Earth Empire.


The leader of the UEF was stated in the first Supreme Commander to be President C. Allen Riley II. The current leader of the UEF is unknown, due the formation of the Coaltion.


  • UEF unit roles seem to be very specific. Instead of having a combination unit or structure, the UEF will separate the roles into two different entities. For example, the UEF has a fighter and a bomber, as opposed to the other factions' fighter/bombers. However, after research upgrades, units become more versatile. One such unit is the Demolisher Mobile Artillery, which gains a powerful anti-air upgrade.
  • As in Supreme Commander 1, UEF units tend to have higher health than those of the other factions. They rarely begin with more health, but more often than not achieve it through heftier health upgrades in the tech tree.
  • The UEF are the faction best suited to bombardment-based players, with mobile artillery, a mobile missile launcher, long range naval units including an experimental ship, artillery based minor and major experimentals, a dedicated bomber, an experimental gunship, short range, long range and experimental artillery structures.
  • Each faction's base has a unique way of defending itself. The UEF version is to equip its Mass Extractors and Research Stations with anti-ground and anti-air weaponry. These bonuses must be researched (once for anti-ground, again for anti-air). Once upgraded, they do not have quite the same power as the Point Defenses and Anti-Air Towers they mimic, with the exception of the Mass Extractor's anti-ground turret which is equal in power to the UEF Point Defense.
  • The UEF tend to lack the mobility of the other two factions. Cybran land units can jump and their sea units can grow legs while Illuminate land units hover over water. The UEF has no such advantage upgrade for its units. However this is offset by their numerous experimental factories. Using the mega fortress, atlantis, and noah, the possibilities of stealthy, fast, deployment are limitless. A few mobile factories loaded with gunships can wreck an enemy base. unfortunately, UEF naval units are forever stuck in the water they are built in. Unless you have the Infinite War Battle Pack One. This allows for naval units to be transported into different waters using air transports (conventional and expiremental.)
  • The UEF bomber becomes the most advanced bomber of the three factions. First of all, its bombs can be upgraded to do more damage. More importantly, the bombs can also be upgraded to have a vision boost that allows the player to see the bombed area for an extended period of time. Finally, the bomber can be upgraded to have a torpedo tube, making it the only torpedo bomber in the game.
  • The UEF ACU is the only ACU with a torpedo tube upgrade. However, the torpedoes are not strong enough to guard against a decent naval strike, so it is important to keep the ACU protected while submerged.


  • UEF land units now have an after burner ability that makes them move faster.(Red Storm)
  • UEF naval units can now be transported inside air transports. (Cybrans can do this too)

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