This is a simple but effective strategy that works for all the factions but works best with Cybrans. You start typicly with 4 generaters and 4 mass extracters though you may want to build a few extra research centers. You then begin to put all your research into the ACU tree. You may want to build a few simple units and AA guns to stop yourself getting slaughtered at the begining but once it is fully upgraded your ACU will be all but invincible. Using this strategy I have jump jetted into enemy bases and using overdrive leveled entire bases including their ACUs in less than a minute then flown out of the explotions with more than half my life left and destroyed King Kripitors and lost less than a tenth of my health.

This tactic is incredibly useful but unless you have AA guns you can be wiped out by as few as 3 bombers which is very embarasing so you need to make sure you have enough defense at the begining to stop an early assult.

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