Titans of Industry
Uef at
Faction UEF
Location The Boolon Industrial Complex on Altair II
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Strike While Cold Factions or Family Plan

Campaign DetailsEdit

After refusing an order to stand down with your ACU, you're now Public Enemy Number One to the UEF. Colonel Rodgers has targeted New Cathedral, so you're taking the most direct route there to defend the colony.

Unfortunately, that involves traveling through the ruins of the Boolon Industrial Complex.


Main Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Cool Off Coleman Defeat Commander Coleman.

Commander Coleman won't listen to reason and insists on taking you out. Take him out first.

  • Mission Completion
Secondary Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Get Big and Deadly Destroy the Fatboy experimental. Engage the attacking Fatboys. Destroy the incoming Fatboys before they reach your base and your ACU.
  • 3 Research Points
2.0 Take Control Take over the production platform at Bravo position.

Move a force of units to the production platform in the southeast part of the map, called Bravo position. Clear out its defenders to take control of the Experimental Factory and its Fatboy production.

  • 5 Research Points
3.0 More Control Take over the production platform at Charlie position.

Fatboy production continues in the northwest. Clear out the defenders and move a force of units to the platform to take control of its Experimental Factory.

  • 5 Research Points
4.0 Research Technology Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

  • Personal ShieldHeavy Shield
  • Unlock: Heavy Shield
Hidden Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Brutal Conqueror Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys from either Bravo or Charlie positions.
  • None


A strong force of Broadswords and Wasps is essential to this mission. You are given mostly air research upgrades, including the three UEF air experimentals, and must protect your base from Coleman’s strong air forces and Fatboys. As soon as you start you will notice that the factory or gantry, located at Bravo, has been captured by Commander Coleman and that he has sent two Fatboys at you. You start with a few Eagle Eyes, Broadswords, Wasps and two Air Factories. Use the provided units to destroy both of the incoming Fatboys. After the Fatboys are dealt with you will be notified of a second factory, controlled by Coleman, located north of your base at Charlie.

At this point your goal becomes capturing the two remaining factories located at Bravo and Charlie. The factory located at your base will start sending computer controlled Fatboys north towards Charlie, while Coleman's factories at Bravo and Charlie will send Fatboys at your base. Both of the factories are guarded by Archanists, Wasps and Eagle Eyes. The northern pass to Charlie is also swarming with Broadswords. Build a strong air force and remove Bravo's defenses and take control of its factory. Once you capture Bravo, the gantry located there will start sending Fatboys down the East path towards the back of Coleman's base. The Broadswords protecting this path will crush Bravo’s Fatboys but it will take some heat off your defenses. Continue to build up a fleet of Broadswords and Wasps while protecting your base from the Fatboys sent south from the gantry located at Charlie. Once you have a sufficient amount of Wasps, approximately 30, remove the Broadswords from the pass and seize the factory located at Charlie, which will start sending Fatboys east at Coleman's base. There is a large number of Broadswords and Wasps protecting his primary base entrance so crush them with your air forces and your Fatboys will enter his base and cause some damage. After Coleman’s base has sustained enough damage, Coleman will nuke the piece of land in the middle of the map and transports his ACU and a large amount of Rock Heads to lead a personal assault against your main base. He has neglected to bring sufficient amounts of AA so use your air forces to send his ACU nuclear.

The hidden objective is completed by defeating Commander Coleman before he leaves his base to personally lead the charge on your base and without capturing either of the two experimental factories at Bravo and Charlie positions.

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