Good value air rushEdit

These are initially expensive ways to punish AA turtlers that gradually pay for themselves. these rely on the enemy having lots of AA towers; that way, your forces do heavy damage with their weapons, then even more with air crashes.


Build a large number of Proto-Brain complexes. Rush the Enemy with half the Proto-Brains at once. When these are destroyed, wait for the Complexes to rebuild them, then use the other half of the first wave. use repeatedly, but send in engineers to reclaim the wrecked Proto-Brains before your opponent does, and target his engineers and land factories with the first three waves so he finds this harder to do.

Pays for itself because: Proto-brain complexes rebuild brains for free.


Build many wilfindjas. Keep the mainframes out of the way, but rush the turtler with the drones. If they are destroyed you simply get another wave out. Repeat until eventually overwhelm his defences. Then go for his ACU.

Pays for itself because: Wilfindjas rebuild drones for free.

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