I have just played SupCom 2, and I have to say they have done a great job at making it a better RTS game, and one of the most interesting features that attractd me was the major experimental, the Noah Unit Cannon Experimental Unit Cannon. I'm pretty sure by the time you read this you already know what that is and the ability that it posses. My main point of creating this article is to give more choices or maybe open up a new concept of attacking enemy bases using the Noah Cannon. This strategy has no time limit. Do it whenever you feel you can. The main attack unit would be the Rockhead tank, and some P-Shield Mobile Shield Generator, Archanist and Meteor MML, depending on your appetite for destruction.


Once you have applied the standard build procedure, and base defense are all up and ready, do not spend your research points for any other experimental unit, yet. Save all your research points for the Noah Unit Cannon instead. Once researched, (and you should have sufficient resources), build 5 N.U.E.C for maximum effect or 10 for showing off effect. Building it should not be a problem, because unlike SupComFA resources in SupCom 2 are more easily acquired. How? Well use the energy to Mass Converter, but be advised you need to build a lot of energy generators to recover the cost.

Applying the StrategyEdit

One NUEC can usually store up to 21 unit. and 21 X 5 = 105, so with 5 cannons you can have 105 Rockheads, and trust me the NUEC can build your unit quite fast so that you can replenish them before all of your previous landed units are massacred.(add 3 enggineer to each cannon for absolutely quicker forces build up).

Please make sure to consider these options before sending your units to their death:

  • Consider upgrading the rockheads' health, add on barrels, add up damage, shield and add on AA weapon before launching them. See this page for additional reference.
  • the best way to succeed using this attack is to mix your launching cocktail with different variety of unit.e.p : 40 rockhead, 10 p-shield (defense booster), 25 titan, 10 demolisher, 5 sharpshooter, 10 meteor. 5 enggineer. (All of your unit will have AA except for some, so archanist will not be in the list.)
  • Take a peek at your enemy base before launching. If you are fighting Cybran check for Magnetron. If Illuminate check out for any Pullinsmash and Loyalty Gun. Those experimental are nasty. Destroy them first if possible, if not just launch your units and do a Soviet style tanks spam and destroy them.
  • You can also add up some dramatic element with this attacking method. Build some ASF's and Bombers and Gunship or even better the "Spooky" Experimental gunship. Send them for early harrasment. Usually your enemy will react with extreme prejudice and divert to stop your annoying attack. When this happens launch the units in the NUEC at a different location but close to each other. Consider launching closer near the enemy ACU to give your opponent a sudden rage. This will demoralise he/she/it. You also might kill the ACU and win if you are playing Assassination.
  • Do not stop there. Send more until either your NUEC is destroyed by a rampaging Soul Ripper II Experimental Gunship/ Darkenoid (depends on which faction player you pissed off) or until you win.


  • It is full of suprise. your opponent will know once you build NUEC, but what they don't know is when and how you are going to use it.
  • The NUEC builds fast and does not use too many resouces. Use this to your the advantage.


  • If you ignore building well and do not build secure defensive positions; prepare to lose.
  • Launched units are vulnerable to air attack. Once landed they will be exposed to land attack. Choose your drop zone well and also remember that unlike transports you can't escort the NUEC Projectile Pod.


  • The minimum requirement of NOAH in this strategy is five, if you are able to use this strategy with less NUECS let me know.
  • In later game this strategy is viable, but still not as useful because all of upgrades might had been researched. You will have to improvise the way you attack using this method because by that time most ACUs will have their overcharge cannon researched which will turn your launched units into scrap metal, and the UEF research and mass generator will be equipped with ground cannon and AA turret.
  • Some people will argue by saying " What a dumb strategy, rather than spending your resources on building NUECS i can just build ten AC-1000 and kill the ACU." answer them with " Lol. you are dumb. if you spend your time playing the game for 100 battles would you still use the same strategy again and again, dont you get bored?.
  • If you wanted to have a sure way to win research the experimental transport. Add some minor and major experimental units in the game. In this case, Fatboy 2 and king kryptor. Both add attack power, and psychologicaly perturb your enemy (human player).

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