The Final Countdown
Cybran at
Faction Cybran
Location On Shiva Prime High Above Seraphim VII
Previous Next
Surface Tension None

Campaign DetailsEdit

While Shiva Prime hovers ominously above the surface of Seraphim VII, it's time for you to finally confront Commander Gauge and take control of the planetary ecosynthesizer once and for all.

Main ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 End Gauge Defeat Commander Gauge.

Command Gauge has taken control of the ecosynthesizer and has positioned it over the surface of Altair II. You must defeat him and take control of the ecosynthesizer to save the planet once and for all.

  • Campaign Completion

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Those Mortal Coils Destroy each of the four power coils.

Commander Gauge is currently protected by a powerful Quantum Field that's powered by four power sources. Destroying the coils will disable the field.

  • 20 Research Points (5 per power Coil)
2.0 Research Technology Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

Hidden ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Savant Complete all available research.
  • Nothing
2.0 Master of Pawns Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.
  • Nothing

Preparations :Alright, this is it. This is where you can shut-up that mentally disabled Cybran until the end of the credits. Some tips and recommendations for this mission are to follow the primary and secondary objecitves and give Gauge everything single thing you've got. Gauge has access to his Royal Guardian 'friends's Illuminate Experimental Technology, as well as almost every other Cybran experimental unit. He also has near-limitless resources and air and land units, which he uses to great potiential. How do you stop that and how do you manage that? First, you buckle yourself in, grit your teeth and get ready for a really, really lengthily battle.

It is important to allways have units at your base at all times. Before you send off any units to destroy those power coils, you've got to make sure you have a well defended base. One trick I always use to get mass without actually dissappointing myself with feeble attempts at taking over his forwards, is to send one or two or even three engineers back to where you landed on Shiva Prime, just behind your base. Gauge's Guardian 'friend's' left you some help from the grave, as there is a graveyard of fallen Universal Colossusses, Commanders, Urchinows and more for you to collect and empower your economy. This little quirk helps you get an economic advantage you need to launch everything you've got at Gauge. As for the main flow of how you subdue him, don't settle yourself for attacking him with waves. Just focus on creating massive force to kill Gauge and one slighty smaller one to defend your base. Unfourtantly, so your army will stay together and not go their seperate ways, a unfortunate amount of micro management will be needed to deliver and command your attack force. Also, once you've destroyed the 4 power coils, Shiva will 'get angry' and send ill-equipped drones out to attack, so be equiped with adequate AA defenses for this. Other than that, just make sure your base is prepared for anything. Gauge will send absolutly everything he's got at you, from Megalith units to Long-range Artillery to Universal Colossusses. As already stated Gauge has access to nearly all Cybran units also Illuminate experimentals which he sends at you quite often, which include Airnomo's, Universal Colossusses, CZARs (Darkenoids), Megaliths, Soul Rippers and alot of land and air units. A good tip is to use the Proto-Brain complex so you can research everything in a good time without wasting time on it.

If you find defending your base too hard to keep up, try this. At the start, move everything you have to one of the nearest power coil. Space there is tight, and there are no mass deposits, so focus on researching mass conversion, build many energy generators, and don't forget to build defenses. Gauge's attacks will be greatly delayed, by at least 20 minutes, so you will only be Colossi-spammed at 45-50 minutes into the game. You are able to fit an Experimental Air factory on the next coil platform over, next to one of Gauge's forward bases so build it there, along with more defences and energy generators. Make sure to build Strategic Missile defences on both platforms, and have missiles ready. I'll tell you why later. 15 minutes in-game is when you will see your first attack from Gauge, several of the capturing Engineers you saw in Mission 14. After about 30 minutes, he sends Megaliths and Airnomos, and 45 minutes is when you get the rest of what he has to offer. All of these can be handled, and you can use the previous paragraph for advice on beating Gauge. Oh, the strategic missile defences :/ I almost forgot :O Those are for when Gauge decides to nuke all of the drone spawners, including the ones that attack you. How nice of him. But if your base is on that platform, then you have to decline that offer and blow up his nukes. He will do that when all 4 power coils are down.

Now, it's time to push forward and complete this mission. Experimental Units 'Soul Ripper' and 'Megaliths' are considered for the destruction of Gauge's base (unless you are doing the 'Master of Pawns' achievement which is a completely different story). While fending off Gauge's assaults, get an Air Experimental Ganitry up and running and then construct Soul Rippers. Then, build a Land Experimental Ganitry and create Megaliths. Split the experimentals for two groups, a minimum of a single Soul Ripper and three Megaliths per group. I'll tell you later. If assaults continue, use this group as a defensive position. It will work, trust me. The Soul Rippers will contain the Collossousses AND, the Megaliths blast Airnomos, incoming land units and opposing Megaliths. Also, use Loyalists and minor experimentals to take over the base defenses. Since the main platform branches off into two groups, it is imperative must be 2 assault groups. If you leave a branch standing, opposing experimentals with hit you pretty hard at your unprotected flank. So there's why. Send the groups into the branches. The experimental groups will uttery obliterate the branches. Once that objective is complete, link the two assault groups up and bring hell and death to his base. I hope this walkthrough got you through the campaign pretty easy. Congratulations Commander, you've done well and have prevented further incidents that could have happened if Shiva Prime was still functional.

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