More than one Mass convertorEdit

Someone placed the comment that "it might be safe to say you only need one". The Illuminate ones and UEF ones have a 3 second cooldown, so if I am getting 500 energy /s surplus, one would be insufficient. Besides, their reasoning was "9 extra is a loss of 9 experimentals", but only if you are near the unit cap. Frankly, this is terrible advice. It is incredibly unlikely that you have amassed an army purely of experimentals with 1 convertor. Mr. Robot 19:09, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

Cybran mass converterEdit

It looks like an update gave the cybran a new metal converter. How do we add this info to the page?

Mass Converters changed?Edit

My Cybran converters are using 2500 energy and producing 125 mass. The wiki right now says 1000 energy and 100 mass. (15 Dec 2016)

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