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The Tactical / Nuclear Missile Defense Facility is a structure common to the Illuminate and the UEF that provides defense against strategic and tactical missiles. Once constructed, the facility will defend against tactical missiles that enter its range; however, anti-nukes must be manually constructed to stop strategic missiles. Apart from constructing anti-nukes no other interaction is required with this structure as it will automatically stop strategic missiles that enter its range.


  • It takes some time, 450 mass and 1500 energy to construct an anti-nuke. For this reason anti-nukes must be built in advance to prevent nuclear strikes.
  • The facility is able to fire anti-nukes at a very rapid pace. A sole structure will have little problem defending against several nukes at the same time, provided enough anti-nukes have been constructed.
  • An Illuminate anti-nuke may fire more than one anti-nuke at the incoming strategic missile. (Has been known to occur with the UEF faction in the Xbox 360 version)


  • Nuclear missiles have very large splash range, so buildings constructed near the limits of anti-nuke range may still be vulnerable to nuke strikes. The only way this can be countered is by extending the anti-nuke coverage area by building multiple nuclear defense facilities.

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