Supreme Commander 2 is set 25 years after the events of Forged Alliance.

Since the defeat of the Seraphim the alliance forged by the UEF, Cybran Nation and Aeon Illuminate has held becoming the CDC (Colonial Defense Coalition) and resulting in 25 years of peace. During this time the three nations have intermixed and some of their military recruits are even trained together at the same institutions. This includes the campaign's 3 protagonists - one from each faction - who become friends at their academy.

However, the peace is brought to an abrupt end by the assassination of the newly elected CDC President. Each faction denies involvement while blaming the others and war erupts yet again. The campaign follows the stories of the three friends and their relationships as they are forced to fight one another. Their names and factions are:

  • UEF: Dominic Maddox
  • Cybrans: Ivan Brackman
  • Illuminate: Thalia Kael

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