Strike While Cold
Uef at
Faction UEF
Location The Weddell Strait on Altair II
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Off Base Titans of Industry

Campaign DetailsEdit

The Cybran invasion force is on the run. Sensors have picked up a number of operational Cybran Mass Extractors operating off the coast of The Weddell Strait, near the Frozen Plains. You need to explore the islands in the strait and destroy these Extractors.

If you come across any pockets of Cybran resistance, notify Command before engaging the enemy.


Main Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Mass Attack Clear the enemy Mass Extractors and replace them with your own.

Take out the Mass Extractors that the Cybran commander is using to construct his armies and replace them with your own. Use the naval capabilities of your Engineers to reach the islands.

  • 5 Research Points
2.0 End Gauge Take out Commander Gauge.

The Cybran Commander is holed up in a heavily defended bay. It will take a combined arms force to get past the Gunships at the entrance; once past them, it will be clear sailing to Commander Gauge.

  • None
2.1 Left Behind Defeat the enemy Megaliths.Commander Gauge has gated out of the area and has left behind an army of Megaliths.Destroy these Experimental units before they re-take control of the area.
  • Mission Completion
Secondary Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Get Kraken Destroy the Kraken experimental.Commander Gauge has deployed a new type of Experimental naval unit. Command is unsure of its capabilities, so you'll need to be careful around it.
  • 5 Research Points
2.0 Research Technology

Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

Hidden Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Master of the Seas Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.
  • 5 Research Points


The basic strategy for this mission is to build increasingly powerful units as you move ever closer to Commander Gauge's base. Start by building several Tigersharks to take out the destroyers patrolling the islands around the mass extractors. When your Tigersharks start to overwhelm the destroyers switch to producing Mastadons. You can either let the Mastadons take out the mass extractors or save mass and time by having a few engineers capture the extractors. Once you have control of the extractors start building Poseidons. The enemy air force patrols the entrance to the enemies main base and is rather large so you will need Mastadons or Wasps in order to deal with them. The Kraken lies in wait just inside the bay and can easily be defeated with 8 to 10 Tigersharks. Use your Mastadons and Poseidons to take care of the shields around Gauges base. Gauge will flee while leaving several Megaliths to distract you. Hit them with everything you have to defeat them and complete the mission.

To complete the hidden objective, research and build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier. The Atlantis can be used to quickly deploy Broadswords which can be quite helpful in your battle against Gauge, especially in making short work of the Megaliths he leaves behind.

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