This page is dedicated to strategies of Supreme Commander 2 similar to the SC1 Strategy page

General Gameplay StrategiesEdit

Air WarfareEdit

  • Bee Hive Strategy: Enemy massing gunships for an air rush against you? Time to awaken the hive! Use this strategy to quickly get enough fighters to defend yourself.
  • Bomber Raid: A tactic that typically uses bombers to overwhelm a enemy's air defenses in order to surgically strike a specific target that may be heavily defended.
  • Air Rush: How to get a critical mass of aircraft early in order to destroy the enemy commander or economy.
  • Air Superiority: A balanced long term air strategy to help you get air superiority and maintain it for the rest of the game.
  • Experimentals: Try to research The AC1000 Terror, Soul Ripper 2 or Darkanoid and build a massive air force of them with about 40 fighters for protection against enemy fighters.

Land WarfareEdit

  • Experimental Rush: Experimental units are extremely effective, especially early on. Learn how to get that early experimental to tip the battle in your favor.
  • ACU Rush: Get that early edge by leveraging your commander against your enemy right away.
  • Balanced Land Assault: A balanced long term land strategy.
  • Divide and Conquer: Break your forces into small fast strike groups and use them to simultaneously assault mass points and factories all over the map. Requires good micromanagement skills.
  • At the start of a game catch your enemy offguard by rushing your opponent with 15 tanks or bots and 15 mobile artillery. It willl sererously cripple his mass production

Naval WarfareEdit

  • Naval Rush: An early assault with naval units can often tip a battle on a water heavy map.
  • Balanced Naval Assault: A balanced long term naval strategy.
  • Use the posiden or execution class battleships to bombard their factories

Faction-Specific StrategiesEdit

  • Atlantis Ambush Strategy: Bait and switch. Trick your enemy into defending against land or navy while you secretly amass an air force to assault their base.
  • Cybran Walking Navy: Own the seas and take the fight into your enemy's base. Use your navy as a land force to kite and decimate unprepared foes.
  • Cybran Engineer Assault: Cybran engineers get a gun upgrade that can turn them into deadly combatants if used correctly. Use engineers as an attack force or to bolster traditional combat units.
  • Illuminate ACU Rush: Because of some unique properties and research, the Illuminate ACU makes for one of the most formidable units in an early rush.
  • UEF Noah Unit Cannon: Build about 3 unit cannons and set them to each build 21 rockheads or titains and then fire them into your enemys base
  • UEF Confronting the Cybran Naval Rush .

Kill StrategiesEdit

Kill strategies are specific techniques to kill the enemy ACU, other than the obvious strategy of attacking with overwhelming land forces.

  • Bomber Raid: A standard mass bomber raid targeted at the enemy ACU.
  • Hot Drop: Air drop/Jumpjet/Teleport land units to the enemy commander's position to eliminate him.
  • Rambo: Go for early overcharge in order to hunt and kill the enemy ACU with your own.
  • Chain From the sky: Using Discruptor cannon EMP To temporarily shut down the Enemy ACU and do a quick surgical strike.

Bad, Old or Sandbox game StrategiesEdit

Gamereplays StrategiesEdit

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