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Faction Illuminate
Location Conti Geothermal Complex on Sirius IV
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Campaign DetailsEdit

The Conti Geothermal Complex is producing all of the energy for Sirius IV, a planet largely responsible for putting the current Illuminate leadership in office.

The Guardians have solid intel that the UEF is planning an attack on the facility as the first part of a larger-scale invasion.

If you can stop this invasion, the Guardians will gain favor with an important voting block.

Main ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 UEF No More Eliminate both enemy Commanders.

The UEF has sent Commanders Mosley and Kita to take over the Conti Geothermal Complex. Defeating the Commanders and saving the facility will increase the popularity of the Guardians with the people of Sirius IV.

  • Campaign Completion

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Technology Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:
  • Universal Colossus
  • Urchinow
  • Sliptack
  • ?

Hidden ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Experimental Fanatic Build at least eight Experimental units.
  • 5 Research Points

This mission is hard, even on easy it can be hard, mostly because of the noah unit cannon in both bases which will blast titans north of you. After awhile Gauge will appear with a few transports and builds a base and stops a few rock head tanks. I don't know how but he's cheating. He'll send 2 megaliths to the center clearing it from anything then he'll continue sending megaliths north to the air base but they won't survive because the gunship army containing broadswords and Ac-100o (3 of them) For the air base just send alot of interceptors/ASF to quickly finish of the gunships (I sent 40 it quickly ended) Then then the land units you should have built can quickly finish it, for me it contained assault bots, tanks, missile launchers and 2 Urchinows.For the land base you will need a UC and a few anti missile defences to protect it from the meteors, It can quickly finish the match.

However, there is a faster way to do this as well, at the beginning you will need to research Shield Generators, and the 4x mass booster for the ACU. After that's done, build some Air Factories, and point and air defences to handle the intial UEF assaults [Shields help here].When Gauge arrives, start pumping out Fighter-Bombers, and keep them behind your defences so they don't get destroyed. By the time Gauge's Megalith attack reaches the center, you should have 25-30 fighters ready to intercept the UEF air attack. If you group-select your units, and order them to attack all the AC-1000's in turn, then you can destroy them all with about 50% losses. From then on, the game is up to you. However, take note that once one of the ACU's is destroyed, the Noah cannon in the other one's base will start firing units near your base. If you constructed point defences at the start, then you will be fine. The best way to complete the mission after the AC-1000's are down is to build Assault Blocks and send them to attack both bases, with appropriate support units [e.g. 10-15 AA units for the air base, or 10 tanks and 10 AA units for the land base.] This strategy will net you the win in under 35 minutes, if you build fast.