UIX0113Illuminate Space Temple
Illuminate icon experimental generic Experimental Teleporter
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
1460 5175 190
Experience 4500
18000 (+29/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 28
Research Info
9 Research32
22 Research32
Unlocked By Mass Converter
Weapon: Death Weapon
Damage radius

A Space Temple Beacon

The Space Temple Experimental Teleporter is an Illuminate major experimental unit. It creates a two-way teleportation conduit between it and any point on the map in it's impressive range, which both allies and enemies can use.

The 1.4 patch introduced a cooldown timer of 30 seconds before the location of the Illuminate Space Temple Exit/Entry Beacon be moved. To compensate, the range of the teleporter was increased by 40%.


  • Units do not have to actually enter the Temple or Beacon in order to teleport, they just need to be close to it. This allows deployable units like the Pulinsmash to deploy before teleporting.


  • The Space Temple effectively allows your army to quickly travel anywhere within a large radius, and thus use it for lightning strikes on outlying enemy units.
  • In a tough game, it can be used to drop units into the heart of an enemy base to take out a vital target.
  • Be very careful to either heavily guard the Space Temple or manage the beacon carefully to avoid enemy armies using it, as the same high speed strikes that devastate your enemies could devastate you.
  • A way to defend against the above is to place it with 5 loyality guns just within their effective range and then thank the enemy for his units and potentially technology.
  • Be aware that the teleportation beacon you send out does not have a range of vision, so tread carefully.
  • If you have a sizeable army teleport 5 tanks into the enemy base. If they fight by coming through the gate,(the don't have range of vision just like the portal) you can tear them apart on your own terms.
  • If you have the temple covered with at least 20 ground turrets and leave the beacon in an area easily accesible by the enemy will most likely win you the game as he will exhaust all his resources trying to take you out.
  • If you are playing against someone using a Space Temple, rather than sending in an army of normal units, pretend to ignore his beacon. Then, build a close range major experimental - a Cybranasaurus Rex, King Kriptor, or Universal Collosus - and use an experimental air transport (if UEF or Cybran) to drop it directly at his beacon. If done right, you can deploy the experimental into a very heavily defended base which otherwise it might not be able to reach. This is the most useful with the Cybranasaures Rex as it has a VERY limited range and will probably fall prey to Tactical Missile Launchers before it manages to get a single shot off otherwise.
  • A good use for the Space Temple is to use it to directly reinforce a moving (land) army, especially with Universal Colossi. If the army is sufficiently large and is busy crushing all before it, the chances of enemy units using the beacon in reverse are very small, and with enough experimental gantries, you can drop 2-3 Colossi right behind the army every couple of minutes.

Quantum Gate Network Tactic Edit

  • The Space Temple beacon is a good choice to build around if you teleport into the enemy base as it allows a possible secondary base and engineers will be able to retreat before the base is destroyed and the beacon can be moved away. or you can just build massive amounts of anti-land turrets or loyalty guns and get free units handed to you.
  • When using the Space Temple, you should use the Quantum Gate Network tactic. This tactic includes building 3-4 or more Space Temple. First, you build the first Space Temple (near your base or in your base is fine), then, set the Beacon to an area that can be easily defended. Then, send a few engineers and/or your ACU through the First Space Temple. Use them to build several defense turrets and shields (you should first observe how your opponent(s) are building his/her forces. Focus the amount of turrets you have based off of how your opponent's strategy (if they are building a land army, build more Point Defense turrets, etc.) is. But always have at least 2 shield structures, and you'll be fine.) around the first beacon. Then, build a second Space temple next to that beacon. Drop that Space Temple's beacon close to your opponent's base (after that, you can repeat the steps above).
  • An alternate method is to have one space temple where the enemy can see but not threaten it, with only a few Yenzoos near it, but another where the enemy can't see, with about 10 universal collosi outside. Find the enemy ACU, but don't let him realize you have. NOTE: DLC pack is useful here as you gain the illuminator. Put the beacon from the second Temple very near the enemy ACU, then move the Yenzoos near the first temple. With a bit of luck, your opponent will think you are just sending a few Yenzoos through. Then you simply teleport the Colossi through the second temple and laugh evilly. NOTE: this works even better when the enemy has his ACU's weapons upgraded a little, as he will consider the Yenzoos less of a threat, especially against inexperienced human players who have only encountered a Space Temple once or twice, as they probably won't guess what you're up to.
  • _Trivia_

The space Temple is a very valuable piece of technology, it's not a good idea to put one undefended on the battle field as it will be captured.

The reason it is so valuable is because of its strategic options, even escorted transports are easily destroyed... This means any one with the ability to instantly transport up to 100 units into a base at a time has a clear advantage...

Unlike the Illuminate teleports installed on basic units, this unit has much greater potential, it can teleport engineers to mass sites. Avoid air patrols.

You should build this unit away from your main base, this is because enemy's canot use it's beacon to travel back to your base, also put point defences to use g

  • BUG: If you try to send too many units at once through the beacon they won't be able to teleport. To fix this send a unit through the space temple.