Illuminate Shotja
Illuminate icon bot directfire Sniper Bot
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
50 115 22
Experience 250
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
800 (+2/sec)
150 (+1/sec)
10 Time32(+/sec)
Speed 0 to 2.7 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 24
Research Info
Cost 2 Research32
Unlocked By Build Time
Unlocks Sliptack
Weapon: Tau Cannon
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 74.63
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
6.7 Projectiles/s
Range (min - max) 0 - 35

Note: the unit box on this page nees to be updated to include weapon info. Please will the next editor who knows how deal with this.

This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

The Shotja sniper unit is a medium ranged, mobile hover unit. It has a single, high damage shot with a long cooldown. Its weakness is its low rate of fire and slow movement speed.


  • The Shotja works well both as a defending unit and attacking support unit:
  • On defense it is extremely effective at picking off light units, and pairing a squad of them with Point Defenses works very well, the turrets supplying cover for the lighter armored Shotja's and the firing rate necessary to keep from being overrun, and the Shotja's provide a higher intial shot damage and longer range. They are also effective when holding their own position from higher ground, such as picking off bots from a cliffside.
  • On offense they play the same role the FA Sprite Striker did: Fire support and commander removal. However, don't use them as one would use Cybran or UEF artillery to damage swarm of units, as the Shotja lacks splash damage, and always leave a small amount direct combat units to defend them, since Shotja's will never win a head to head fight with any land combat unit, including missile launchers on some occasions, due to the Shotja's slow movement speed.
  • Deploy Shotja's wisely, as they can't outrun any unit whatsover, including ACU's.


  • The name Shotja probably comes from the corruption of "shot ya" or "shot you"

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