Shiva Prime from avobe

Shiva Prime in the last mission, from above

Shiva Prime is an ancient (to the Supreme Commander 2 standards) planetary ecosynthesizer, said to have existed before even the Seraphim by Dr. Brackman. As also stated by Dr. Brackman, it is far more advanced than any terra-former the Coalition has produced, for it works a lot faster and works on all classes of planets, assuming it has a nearby sun.


Shiva Prime is said to be the cause of the entire Supreme Commander campaign. Its origin, or even its description, is heavily clouded until the Cybran campaign. Dominic Maddox doesn't even get to know what Shiva Prime is until Ivan shows up at the Coalition Commander Center on Altair II, same with Thalia. Except Thalia is reminded by Gauge that she 'helped him acquire the last remaining piece of the Shiva Prime puzzle'. At the start of the Cybran campaign, Ivan is told by Dr. Brackman, that Shiva Prime is an extremely effective terra-former, that has existed long before the Seraphim. The Royal Guardians aid Gauge in his campaign to seize Shiva, by ripping data of Shiva Prime's launch sequence. Shiva Prime is then first seen as Ivan enters the Quantum Gate to Seraphim VII and bears witness to Commander Gauge launch Shiva Prime into Seraphim VII's upper atmosphere. Ivan then teleports onto Shiva Prime and successfully defeats Commander Gauge on its surface.

Known Weapons and Defensive StructuresEdit

Shiva Prime is known to have special defenses made for it, from Ivans confrontation with Commander Gauge over Altair II. Firstly, Shiva has the ability to create an extremely poweful quantum shield, which protects specific places on Shiva from any type of damage known-to-man, which conveniently aided Gauge, as he built specific parts of his base under the quantum shield. This powerful shield is powered simaltaniously by 4 power coils located around the edge of Shiva. They are among the few specific places protected by the quantum shield, for obvious reasons. If these power coils are destroyed, Shiva will deploy waves of specialized anti-land 'drones' against it's primary threat, which happened to be Ivan in his confrontation with Gauge. Shiva Prime itself could also be seen as a weapon, given that its terraforming ability could strip planetary atmospheres and cause massive natural disasters, eventually rendering worlds lifeless- something that Guage planned to exploit against Altair II.

Multiplayer MapEdit

Shiva Prime also features in Supreme Commander's Multiplayer map selection, housing 3 player-starting positions. The map is almost identical to Shiva Prime in the Cybran Campaign, except with the lack of the power coils or drone-deployers.

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