Shields are a way of protecting units in Supreme Commander 2. They are see-through and have a light blue hue. They absorb damage themselves, protecting other units. The advantage is that Shields naturally have a free, and massive, regeneration rate. P

The two kinds of shields Edit

Shields come in two types: Normal spherical shields, and personal shields.

Spherical shields Edit

Used to protect nearby units, they usually have massive amounts of health. All units inside will be protected from shots coming from the outside (and vice versa, shields block all opposing shots, regardless of direction). They can be deployed to protect your important structures, or your armies.

Personal Shields Edit

Some units (after upgrades), will have a personal shield. This shield will protect them, and only them. This shield usually has very low health (about 10% of the unit's health, 150 for a Rock Head Tank, for example). Still, it has the advantage of increasing the unit's health pool, and greatly increasing the units regeneration rate.

Reconstruction Edit

The basic concept of a shield, is that it absorbs damage. There are two ways to "heal" a shield. If it is running, the shield will slowly regenerate. This regeneration rate is usually very very low, and cannot be counted on to fully repair a shield.

However, if the shield breaks and goes offline, then a quick reconstruction will occur. The shield, albeit offline, will start regenerating health at about ten times its usual regeneration rate.

Factional Differences Edit

From a visual point of view, the shields of all factions are strictly identical. They almost all have the same stats (cost, health). However, when under fire, they do not all react the same way.

UEF Edit

The UEF have the most "basic" shield. They just stop every shot. Area of Effect weapons will damage stacked shields. For example if 2 shield generators are beside each other and an artillery shot hits the stacked shield both take damage, similar to supreme commander 1.

Cybran Edit

The Cybran shields will actually let all projectiles through. The shield will absorb 85% of the projectile damage, and the penetrating projectile will only damage for 15% of the original damage. The effect stacks, so if a projectile goes through two shields, the second one will absorb 85% of the 15% damage left, and the projectile's final damage will be of about 2%.

This effect, while at first might seem un-efficient, can help keep your shields up longer. Indeed, an engineer can repair the slightly damaged structures, and the shield will last about 20% longer.

Illuminate Edit

Illuminate shields work just like the Cybran one, absorbing only 85% of the projectile damage. However, once absorbed, the projectile has a 50% chance of bouncing back. The bounced projectile only hurts for 15% damage, and if it hits another shield, is completely absorbed. The bounced projectile virtually never hits anything, and even if it did, it is at negligible damage. (this makes for a good fireworks show as well if it is deflecting a bunch of lasers, usually loyalists.)

The illuminate Shield Generator has a slightly larger radius than that of the other factions.

See also Edit

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