Princess Rhianne Burke was the third Princess of the Aeon Illuminate and the leader of the Aeon faction during the Infinite War.

Records concerning Princess Rhianne Burke are highly classified. What is known is that she was born into a caste of seers and her lineage guaranteed that she would be a strong candidate to ascend the throne. When the previous Princess, Miranda Burke retired, Princess Rhianne assumed the throne with a great deal of fanfare.

Public records indicated that Princess Rhianne, a strong woman with an amazing amount of charisma, enjoyed a great deal of support among the Aeon. However, intercepts of Aeon communication signals seemed to indicate that Princess Rhianne was attempting to steer the Aeon in a new direction: the emphasis is on establishing a lasting peace as opposed to cleansing - as the Way shows it. Should the Aeon have emerged victorious in the closing days of the Infinite War on Earth, Princess Burke would have used Black Sun to make her consciousness be one with the Quantum Rift and spread it to every human being throughout the galaxy, UEF, Aeon and Cybran, and to spread her message of peace, bringing the warring factions to their senses and freeing the future of war and conflict.

In the ending of Forged Alliance, the princess closes the Quantum Rift the Seraphim used to initially cross into our galaxy. However this meant she sacrificed herself using divine Way powers. It is still unknown if she survived, but General Hall says that "we'll keep looking."