Rogue Nanites
Tree Illuminate ACU
Research Type Activated Ability
5 Research32
10 Research32
Unlocked By Weapon Range
Unlocks Overcharge

Sonic Pulse Battery Anti-Air

Rogue Nanites, also called Regeneration and Attack Pod, is a special independent weapon that is summoned via the Illuminate ACU special abilities menu, which creates a unit that can attack any land based enemy for 5000HP or heal a friendly unit or structure for 10000HP. Rogue Nanites have a health of 2500HP. Attacking or healing will consume the unit. This ability costs 750 energy and has a 45 sec. cooldown/regeneration timer. Multiple Nanites can be active at the same time.

To summon the Nanite on the PC, click on the blue icon in the lower left Abilities/Orders menu. To summon the Nanite on the 360, hold down the Left Trigger and press 'X'. (LT+X)

Nanites are an independent unit that the player must select, and issue orders to. When you aim to heal a friendly unit, the cursor roll-over will give the attack icon (both PC, 360), but don't worry it'll heal your unit. This is a known UI bug, and just ignore the icon and select your unit to heal. Nanites can be used to heal teammate's units even if they are UEF or Cybran. Nanites will not travel with the ACU if the ACU teleports, and Nanites are not able to use the Space Temple. Rogue Nanites do not count towards a player's Population limit (500 Max).

Nanites have a very small Line of Sight (LOS) and therefore a very small area of auto-attack (about the size of a defense turret). Be careful, because if the Nanite auto-attacks, it consumes the unit.


Nanites can be used to 'Quick-Build' structures by 'healing' them during construction. (360 only).

Conceptually, this would allow Illuminate players to stockpile Nanites, and then have the ability to almost instantly create some very time consuming structures (Loyalty Gun, Space Temple, multiple Land Factories).

WARNING: If you plan to use the Nanite exploit to help finish a construction faster, an Engineer or ACU unit must also be working on the project at the same time too. If a Nanite finishes a structure all by itself, the construction will never be considered complete, and the building will be unusable. Any attempt to reclaim just a little health, so you can finish the structure, removes ALL of the health the Nanite gave.

** Nanites cannot be used to 'Quick-Build' structures by 'healing' them before they are done constructing (PC) **


The Illuminate ACU can easily defeat the much feared Cybran ACU, or any other opponent if you stockpile 5 or more Nanites in preparation for the big fight. This extremely powerful tactic does require a higher level of player skill and micro-managing.


An Illuminate Regeneration and Attack Pod

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