Steam 3

A Cybran Recycler.

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This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

Cybran Recycler: Mass Reclaimer: Similar to the Loyalty Gun, the Mass Reclaimer has a medium range and automatically reclaims nearby wreckage. It can also reclaim "living" units (not ACU) and structures if manually targeted.

The recycler's range, while not comparable to artillery or tactical missiles, is still rather long - well beyond the range of point defenses. This allows you to setup a row of point defenses, followed by shields, and then a Recycler, and the recycler will be able to reclaim all units killed by the defenses. Used in choke points, this tactic can provide a significant boost to your economy, especially if your opponent neither overwhelms the point, nor decides to take an alternate route.

The obvious counter to the recycler and/or this tactic is aircraft. Specifically, fighter/bombers work better, since when they crash, they tend to keep moving a certain distance, which may cause them to finally hit the ground outside the Recycler's range, thus nullifying the mass benefit to the recycler's owner even if your assault fails, though this in turn can be cancelled out by placing the recycler a certain distance behind the defense line.