Prime Time
Illuminate at
Faction Illuminate
Location Altair II: Coalition Command Center North
Previous Next
Cliff Diving None

Campaign DetailsEdit

You're in pursuit of Commander Gauge, who's headed to Altair II and something called Shiva Prime.

You need to stop Gauge before more innocent civilians die.

Main ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Stand Off Eliminate all three commanders.

Commander Gauge's nuclear attack has turned Commanders Haen, Hazelton, Teller against you and Commander Maddox, and they don't seem to be in the mood to discuss a truce.

  • Campaign Completion
2.0 Classmates Protect Commander Maddox.

You need to save Commander Maddox, who's currently under siege by three hostile Commanders.

  • Campaign Completion

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Technology

Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

Hidden ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Bot Lord Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots.
  • Complete Steam achievement
2.0 A Czar is Born Build your first Darkenoid.
  • ?

This is the last mission in the Illuminate campaign, and it will be much harder than its UEF equivalent, "End of an Alliance" You have to build quickly, because the attacks start soon, and will pile up fast. . Construct AA and shield defences at the southern part of your base [the bottom of the map being south] and construct Shields and point defences in the northern part of your base Include AA there too. This will handle all enemy attacks, if you stack the defences heavily enough. The attakcs that will come at your base are as follows noted as {Commander attacking} [Unit in groups of x each] {start time in minutes}:00-{when Commander Attacking is destroyed, which is Game End.} Here they are; Teller [Wasps, Eagle-Eyes in groups of 3-5 each.] 3:00-game end. Teller [AC-1000 Terror's in groups of 1] 15:00-game end. Hazleton [Tactical missiles in groups of 4-8] 10-12:00-game end. Hazleton [Megalith in groups of 1] 20:00-game end. Hazleton may also send Gunships at your base depending on the difficulty, this seems to happen most on Normal. [Renegades groups of 20] 25:00-game end. Haen [Vulthoos in groups of 16 {every other attack} or 24] 25:00-game end.Haen will also attack Commander Maddox with experimental units, which will destroy him in 1 wave, so defend him with your own Experimentals, preferrably Darkenoids. [1 UGC, 2 Urchinows] 35-40:00. Maddox will say "*Yaarrgh* I'm almost done!" when she begins these attacks. These are the only threat to Maddox, and not you.

The hidden objective "Bot Lord", is almost impossible when Haen sends the Colossi and Assault Blocks at Maddox, so start producing them well before then.

The units allowed to build for "Bot Lord" are Land Factories (with any addons), Havoc Assault Bots, Energy Generators, Mass Extractors, Mass Convertors, Research Stations and Rogue Nanites. A lost Engineer or Crahdow Mobile Anti-Air Gun may be replaced.

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