the power explode function means that it will explode upin death meaning you get revenge on the enemy units


Power detonate is an activated ability which, when triggered, will explode roughly 3x the units diameter in a lethal explosion. This upgrade means that Cybran will win most land battles.


    - Run units into enemy units and select small groups from your army to take out      large  numbers of hostiles.
    - Split forces by selecting g some units and form a group from them pressing ctrl-(number 1-9 & 0). Press the number and it will select that group.


    - Good AOE (AREA OF EFFECT) is very useful, having a King Kriptor, Cyberannus or Universal Colossus helps greatly.
    - Artillery nullifies land swarms, but be careful as it will not hit when the forces jump jet into your base, then the range may be overcome. if UEF, fortified artillery would be great to use!
    - If you must engage with a land force. run. just run. Wait for jump jets and run to where they were. Your forces will ALL DIE unless you have experimentals or tanky units.

Cybrans can get this very quickly as (I think) it costs 5 to upgrade, and 3 to be able to upgrade meaning 8 points are needed.



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