Off Base
Uef at
Faction UEF
Location Eridu Strategic Weapons Center on Altair II
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Prime Target Strike While Cold

Campaign DetailsEdit

After successfully destroying the communications array and severely hampering your faction's ability to mobilize its armies throughout this sector, the Cybran invasion force moved on to other key military targets. Its second was the Eridu Strategic Weapons Center. The Center itself wasn't destroyed, so it remains vulnerable to a counterattack.

Assist Commander Coleman in rebuilding its defenses and producing a standing army that will be used to defend it from the remaining Cybran threats in the area.


Main Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 On the Defensive Destroy the enemy entrenchment at Charlie.

The Cybran enemy has a forward defensive force at Charlie position that's protected by Cybran Rapid Fire Point Defense and Shield Generators. Use your ground-attacking air forces to seize control of the area.

  • 3 Research Points
1.1 Look to the Skies Clear the enemy Gunship patrols.

Coleman has taken over the center's remaining Land Factories at Bravo, but he has a serious problem with Cybran Renegade Gunships. Send in a squadron of Fighters to handle this particular problem.

  • 3 Research Points
2.0 Base of Operations Smash the enemy base.

The main enemy base is due north from Commander Coleman's position, at Delta. Your targets are the Cybran Land and Air Factories. The base is heavily protected by High-Damage Anti-Air, so use your land forces to soften the defenses before cleaning up the mess with air and your remaining land forces.

  • Mission Completion
Secondary Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Technology

Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

2.0 Economic Meltdown Destroy the Cybran Mass Extractors.

Attack the Mass Extractors that are located west of Delta to put a dent in the Cybran army's economy.

  • 5 Research Points
Hidden Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Economic Opportunist Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy territory.
  • 5 Research Points


The basic strategy for this mission is to utilize counter-specific units. At the start, simply build a few more Wasps, to assist the fighters you already possess, in taking out the Renegades. Save valuable mass by adding the Anti-Air Turret add-on to your factory and bringing back your Wasps, rather than building Anti-Air Towers for air defense. Research and construct a fleet of Broadswords as quickly as you can to take out the Point Defenses. As soon as the point defenses are destroyed Colonel Rodgers reassigns Coleman to another mission and leaves you in command of Coleman's arsenal of Land Factories. Start constructing a land force to attack the East side of the base which is defended by heavy AA. Meanwhile use your Broadswords to attack the four mass extractors to the West. Once you have a considerable amount of Rock Heads, Archanists, and Meteors attack the AA, protected by a shield, to the South East of the Cybran base. With the AA destroyed you can bring in your gunships and use your combined force to finish off the base.

The hidden objective can be completed fairly easily once the enemy mass extractors have been eliminated. Move up some engineers and protect them with your Wasps and Broadswords. As soon as you start building the second extractor the objective is completed.

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