Naval Transport is a UEF Passive Ability which allows Naval Units to be transported by an Experimental Transport.

The prerequisite is Stacked Gauss Cannon (research)

This research option is from the infinite war battle pack.

5 Battleships can be carried by a C-230 Star King Extreme or a Giant Transport

Oddly this research option affects Cybran units, allowing Cybran navy to be transported by a Cybran Experimental Air Transport. All pairings of navy and experimental air are unlocked.

The ferry command does not work for sea units. Nor does assisting a factory, as the exiting units will wait to be ferried, which prevents the units from reaching their factory waypoint. Ferry does work on water for land units, however the factory assist does not allow a new UEF engineer to be ferried to the factory waypoint. It does allow Cybran engineers (built from sea factory) and all water built Aeon land units to be ferried from the factory. This may be a problem of the units not being able to reach the center of the naval factory.

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