UUB0003UEF Sea Factory
UEF Naval Factory
Uef icon factory naval Naval Production Facility
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
320 700 50
Energy Production
Energy32 +1/s
Experience 1000
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
10000 (+18/sec)
12500 (+60/sec)
40 Time32(+313/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20

Produces Naval units. Can be upgraded with Add-ons and with research.The Aeon Illuminate does not have sea units, their land units hover.


  • Tactical Missile Launcher
  • Anti-Air Turret
  • Torpedo Turret
  • Intel Installation
  • Shield Generator

The Cybran Naval Factory can be upgraded through research. Sea Operations will give it 4 cannons (each identical to the 3 cannons on the Executioner battleship), but with slightly greater range (128 vs 115). These guns are mounted two on the left/right, and in general can only bring 2 to bear on a single target. The Naval Factory remains immobile, but is mass/mass very comparible to the executioner (especially when given shields, AA, TML, and/or torpedos).


Ranking on Naval factorys is gained by upgrading with add-ons, building units, and (apparently) destroying enemy units (which will quickly bring it to rank 5 due to the disparity of how XP is handled between normal combat units and factories). Its build cost / time is decreased by 10% per rank of veterancy (thus keeping cost to run on repeat build constant).