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This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

The Monkeylord is a remake of the original Monkeylord from the original Supreme Commander, added in the Infinite War DLC pack. It is very costly, costing 3000 mass, 15,000 energy and 5 minutes to build.

The unit has a staggering 100,000 base health, almost twice as much as any other major experimental, and main cannon DPS of 2500, allowing it to survive heavy damage and destroy most units in less than a second. With full training and veterancy, this is expanded to an unrivaled 200,000 health and 5,000 DPS. A Monkeylord with 3/4 of its health with full veterancy and training is still capable of taking on 2 Universal Colossi and live. It can destroy a King Kriptor in 30 seconds. While it is not very maneuverable it can effectively attack units behind it due to the main turret being able to fully rotate unlike some other land experimentals such as the Universal Colossus. Although it has anti-air, it is barely stronger than that of a single Adaptor and so requires assistance from other units to tackle air threats.

This unit seems to be the currency in long games i.e. whoever has the most is the most powerful, primarily games that are strongly focused on land warfare. Its main weapon is ideal for cutting down solo experimentals thus it is inadvisable to try and attack a Monkeylord with something such as a single King Kriptor unless it is a necessity. The Monkeylord is also highly resistant to nukes. It can survive 12 nukes before dying.

The Monkeylord should be used as a primary blockader, being an incredibly intimidating foe with it's massive amount of health and dominating attack. Ideal strategies include dropping Monkeylords off with Giant Transports, spear-heading swarms of Loyalists and other minor land units wiping out outposts or eliminating opposing waves of land units.

Monkeylords possess the ability to wade in water in much the same way as an ACU. However, instead of being totally submerged its main weapon will usually stand above the water's surface and be both fully usable and vulnerable to enemy fire.

The Monkeylords massive laser weapon is also somewhat AOE as units around the targeted unit will be affected by the beam. if normal units are the target, 5 or 6 of the units (if in close proximity) will probably be at at least half health by the time the targeted unit is dead. The most effective units to deal with enemy Monkeylords are Naval units, particularly large numbers of Poseidon Battleships that are in deeper water than the Monkeylord can go and Air units, especially several AC-1000 Terrors.


  • The Monkey Lord will some times not fire at enemies behind it even when its aiming at them if this happens turn it around and it will start firing its laser.
  • The Monkey Lord's armament also include 2 turrets that can shoot at enemies independent from the main laser.
  • A certain video on Youtube demonstrates a Cybran player wiping out all 3 other commanders with a single Monkeylord on Geothermal Borehole- to duplicate this, simply build a Monkeylord and use the patrol command to have it walk to each enemy base in turn.
  • a MonkeyLord can walk through water.