Attacking with your air fortresses may seem stupid, and frequently is. However, when you are nearing the end of a game and you see 5 Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbots coming to your base, and you cannot kill them in time it may prove useful to attack with the air fortresses if you have no bombers/gunships.

  • They stay under enemy shields
  • They do more DPS than a AC-1000
  • They have (some) air to air
  • Their crash damage is large
  • They have a large health pool
  • They can make supporting broadswords (ONLY FOR ACU ASSASINATIONS)
  • They will make mincemeat of any un-upgraded ACU

See? The air fortresses CAN be used as game enders BUT bare in mind, your opponent will expect air (as you have lots of air units), and this should ONLY be used as a game ender as if your fortresses die you will suffer a mass-ive production loss. (the puns)

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