UUS0102UEF Mastadon
Uef icon ship antiair Cruiser
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
260 500 35
Experience 500
3500 (+9/sec)
Speed -4.5 to 4.5 (Water)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 42
Water Vision: 100
Radar: 100
Sonar: 100
Weapon: Long Range Cruise Missile
Missile - Tactical Missile
DPS 108
Missile  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
6 Missiles (in 0.5 s)
10 seconds
Range 128
Weapon: Gauss Cannon
Direct Fire Naval - Projectile
DPS 120
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles
1 salvo/s
Range 50
Weapon: UPGRADE - Gauss Cannon
Direct Fire Naval - Projectile
DPS 240
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
4 Projectiles
1 salvo/s
Range 50
Weapon: Flayer SAM Launcher x 2
Anti Air - Missile
DPS 130
Missile  Damage
Rate of Fire
1 Missile/s
Range 32
Weapon: UPGRADE - Zapper Anti Missile
Defense - Beam
DPS 12
Beam  Damage
Rate of Fire
3 Beams/s
Range (min - max) 5 - 32

The Mastadon Cruiser is a UEF naval unit. It is designed as a naval support unit, equipped with long-range tactical missiles, extensive radar and sonar, powerful anti-air weapons, tactical missile defense (when researched) and short-range cannons for use in naval battles. However, the cruiser is only a naval support unit, so sending a fleet of cruisers unprotected leaves them vulnerable to other naval vessels, especially submarines. Its tactical missile launchers have a tendency to miss when shelling patrolling naval units. The Mastadon, especially when compared to the Poseidon, has very good anti-air, so they are good for providing anti-air support for your fleet.


  • Use large numbers of these to hide behind the thick armor of battleships and rain missiles on bases.
  • They are fairly fragile but can destroy large amounts of air units quickly.
  • With their long-range tactical missiles, Mastadon Cruisers have a range equal to Poseidon Battleships. They excel at early game harassment, especially if the opponent has not built a sufficient amount of anti-missile defenses.
  • Mastadons do not have torpedo tubes, use this to your advantage when facing them.
  • While their bombardment capabilities are great with its tactical missiles, its ship to ship capabilities are terrible. Three bombarding Mastadons, lacking upgrades, can quickly be taken out by a single moving Salem Class Destroyer. When upgraded with Stacked Gauss Cannon this problem somewhat goes away.
  • Mastadons are at their best when they are paired with Poseidons, as the Poseidons take out ships, while the Mastadons take out air.
  • when bombarding a base with TMLs its missiles are vunreble to anti-missiles

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