The Mass Glitch (also known as mass exploitation) is a widespread scourge of the xbox live supreme commander 2 online lobbies. It requires a string of commands to be sent to both engineers to be done correctly. This effectively over rides some internal handler to prevent this activity.

For the sake of the game I will not detail how to do the glitch but rather document it here.

It consists of one engineer building an anti-air tower while another simultaneously reclaims the same tower. It yields 9 mass per second(Cybran and UEF only) and 25 energy per second(all factions) the glitch will never stop producing resources until the engineers are told to do something else, pushed out of the area by larger units, or themselves or the anti air tower are destroyed. Because the engineers task never stops any orders queyed for later will be ignored.

The mass produced is thought to be relative to the mass cost of the anti-air tower because the Illuminates cheaper anti-air tower only nets them about 7 mass per second while the other factions recieve 9.

The mass glitch is somewhat less lucrative in campaign mode as Cybran and UEF players will only recieve around 7 mass per second(energy production is not affected by campaign mode) while the Illuminate will recieve around 5-6 mass per second depending on the level.

An anti-air tower is apparently the only thing that works properly when doing the glitch, something like a point defense tower will yield less, and doing it with a much more expensive factory will yield less than doing it with the tower as well.

~xXN00B K177zXx

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