UCX0114Cybran Magnetron
Cyb magnetron
Cybran icon experimental generic Experimental Unit Magnet
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
1140 4000 190
Experience 4500
16500 (+60/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 40
Research Info
12 Research32
26 Research32
Unlocked By Long Range Artillery

Perhaps one of the most powerful Cybran units, the Magnetron Experimental Unit Magnet is a Cybran major experimental structure. Its main power lies in its two manually activated abilities.

Unit PropertiesEdit

The Magnetron is a strong electro-magnet. Utilising the two manually activated abilities (detailed below), the Magnetron can be effectively used in any Cybran game strategy. It is an outstanding structure for effective defense against standard and experimental land units alike.

The magnetic properties of this unit affect enemy land units within a certain radius of the Magnetron. The strength of the magnetic 'push' and 'pull' is proportional to the distance the enemy unit is from the Magnetron. If a unit is far enough away, it may still be able to overcome and neutralize its effect, with a move command against the magnetic pull or push.

The unit itself is surrounded by several grinding disks. When an enemy land unit comes in contact with the Magnetron while utilising the Attract ability, the unit is consumed and converted into Mass. This Mass contribution can be quite substantial, especially if an experimental land unit or ACU is consumed. The amount of mass gained is greater than the base cost of the unit consumed.



360 hd magnetpull u

In this mode, the Magnetron pulls in enemy land units within a large radius. These units, if pulled into the actual structure of the Magnetron, are ground up and mass is added to the players economy. The effect is cumulative with multiple Magnetrons.

On the PC, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Q to activate this ability.


360 hd magnetpush u

In this mode, the Magnetron repels enemy units as far as it can away. This can be used to hold off an army long enough to bring online an experimental unit, or simply give you time to prepare. The effect is cumulative with multiple Magnetrons.

On the PC, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + W to activate this ability.


  • Several Magnetrons can be utilised to effectively reel in hostile ACUs or pull in armies from a significant portion of the Magnetron's stated range.
  • Place a Magnetron in the vicinity of where the enemy may launch Noah Unit Cannon units for an easy defense and Mass boost.
  • If you have the required Energy, toggling between the Repel and Attract abilities can be an effective way to decimate an enemy offensive, by pushing units away from your base where they cannot do any damage, then pulling them to their deaths, and then repelling the remaining units away in a repeated cycle.
  • While being pulled in, Jump Jets & Illuminate teleport are the only things that can escape the Magnetron's pull, so if you're facing a Cybran or Illuminate army, don't rely entirely on it destroying the enemy force.
  • As of the (April 16, 2010) patch, it is possible to use the Magnetron to suck in units during the no-rush timer. Several Magnetrons in conjunction can pull in enemy ACUs for a quick(ish) victory. Be careful, as you still take damage from the death nuke of enemy ACUs. Confirmed against the AI.
  • Enemy units being attracted/repelled can still fire their weapons on approach. However, your units cannot fire upon enemies that are under the influence the Magnetron. Therefore it is imperative not to hold an enemy force stationary within weapons range of your units/structures.
  • The Magnetron can neither attract nor repel air units so it is best protected by anti-air or fighters.
  • The Magnetron is higly innefective if placed outside a player base, because all the units will steer clear of it, rendering it a waste of money. Put at the entrance of your base for maximum effectiveness.
  • Note: Unlike the Illuminate Pullinsmash, which is an experimental mobile magnet, it can not pull hunkered units.
  • STRATEGY: This is a costly but effective one. Build 4-6 Magnetrons, in a straight line horizontally in front of your base. Having them vertical is a complete waste of time, as you'll see later. Place a solid line of Point Defenses a while behind the magnetrons, but with the front of them within range. You can protect the PDs with shields, just make sure the Magnetrons aren't inside the shields. Then when a large-ish enemy force appears, the Magnetrons will ruthlessly eliminate the conventional units while the the PDs take on experimentals. For every major attack, a minimum of two Magnetrons will be destroyed (as well as a few PDs) hence the 'costly' part. This isn't a problem if you have a well-developed energy supply. The mass will take care of itself because the ground-up units provide mass. Place a recycler or two behind the shields to reclaim the units that weren't eaten by the Magnetrons.
  • The above strategy is super effective at giving your Magnetrons veterancy, because every unit gives a little bit of veterancy. Magnetrons eat entire armies, so imagine the veterancy.