Lethal Weapons
Illuminate at
Faction Illuminate
Location Sinorok Rift Reserve Station Armory, orbiting Gallat V
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Delta Force Back on the Chain Gang

Campaign DetailsEdit

The Illuminate government was stockpiling weapons and researching new technologies off-the-books at the Sinorak Rift Reserve Station, a staging base on a small habitable moon orbiting Gallant V. It was decommissioned a few months ago when the press caught wind of its existence.

You're to clear out any remaining defenses so a ground team can be called in to recover any useful weapons or technologies.

Main ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Unsafe Landing Clear the landing zone.

The LZ is swarming with Illuminate units. Take control of the area with your initial force and establish a base while Jaran taps into the facility's security system.

  • 3 Research Points
2.0 Alarming Production Destroy all of the Illuminate factories.

Hacking into the security system has triggered an alarm, switching the formerly offline factories into full production mode. Destroy all of the factories to stop them from producing more units.

  • Spawn Universal Colossus
2.1 Big Surprise Kill the Universal Colossus.

You've triggered yet another security measure, this time in the form of a new Colossus-class experimental. Take it out before it takes you out.

  • Mission Completion

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Technology Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

  • UIL0202Bodaboom
  • Access to Bodaboom Armour Enhancer

Hidden ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Master Tactician Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.
  • Nothing

Tips Edit

During the very beginning of your battle, unit placement, as well as having your engineer repair damaged units can mean the difference between 0 losses to half your army's destruction. Pause frequently and micro your orders for maximum effectiveness. Place your Fistoosh in the back line. A good strategy is to place your hunkered commander in the front line to tank all the damage for your Yenzoos/Harvogs.

After the initial battle, you can either immediately advance, or set up a base. The former can be accomplished by using your fistoosh to take out point defense before moving onto the bridge as one engines accompanies you and the other stays and immediate begins on building point defenses. These will be used later. Use all research on your ACU to ensure it survives your assault. When you near the end of the bridge stop, well out of range of the assault block and use your fistoosh to take it out. Until it is dead you can only guess the blocks position among several units, but it will be near the back of its pack. After the block is dead move your force up, ACU up front, and pull back the fistoosh so they don'get shot as they are pushed aside by your units. Quickly destroy the factories with your fistoosh and ACU and destroy the resisting units with your mobile units. Once the factories are almost dead queue a move command to behind your little line of PDs your engineer has been building. This is important because the UC can easily crush your force. Once the UC arrives at your PDs let it have it. It will quickly suffer and die. For the latter you will only be periodically molested by teleporting units. Since all teleporting units always appear in the same spot, point defenses work exceedingly well. (1. Right at the entrance of the bridge; 2. All the way in the top RIGHT corner; 3. All the way in the top LEFT corner) Also when they apprear near your base from the two corners, they have a habit to teleport from the top of the ramp to the lower end of your base from where they could hit your.Fistoosh

You can use upgraded Fistoosh to destroy your opponent's buildings, then place your own point defenses. Capturing the entire middle area is quite easy. It is a bit more tricky to capture the two side parts, but nothing difficult.

Once you have captured both left and right areas, keep in mind the computer will NEVER cross the bridge to attack you, except with a lone Urchinow. You can use this to your advantage. Also, be prepared for aerial retaliation once inside enemy grounds. Attack with a fair amount of Crahdows.

For the optional objective "Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.", keep in mind that turrets are NOT mobile units. You can creep all the way to the opponent's base building 300 Point Defenses and Anti Air Turrets, and still get the objective.

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