The Land Emergence Galleon System (also known as LEGS) is an upgrade in the Cybran naval research tree that allows ships to walk on land. All Cybran destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers are affected by this upgrade and can move onto land by utilizing 6 legs unloaded out of the side of the ship. The Kraken is unaffected by this upgrade.


  • If the enemy has an overwhelming naval force then it might be advised to bring the ships on land due to the fact that they can still use all of their weapons, except for the torpedo tubes, while on land.
  • On land, Cybran ships are vulnerable to attack from enemy land units, however; moving onto land is a good way to escape subs or shelter from heavy enemy retaliation, such as gunships, amid an army or base defenses.
  • It is also a very good way to surprise attack your enemíe. if they are a new player or does not play as the Cybran much there is a very good chance they will pay no attention to a large fleet of ship, only when those ships sprout legs and start walking towards his or her base will they suddenly start to panic.
  • On maps where the bulk of the fighting is away from the water the LEGS upgrade allows Cybran ships to attack with your main land army.
  • It is worthwhile to research the Improved LEGS due to the land borne ships moving very slowly.
  • This tech can turn the Cybran navy into more of a minor experimental force.
  • Since naval units have such large range it can be very useful to use some LEGS-equipped ships to defend land bases. They are vulnerable to close range attacks so be sure to build Point Defenses or Loyalists to support the ships.
  • Use them alongside Adaptors, Megalith IIs and Monkeylords on land, as this creates maximum walker-based devastation. Best aerial support craft is the Soul Ripper 2 since it can pretty much tear apart other gunships and land units with its devastating array of weapons.

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