Below are the default keyboard mappings for PC, in Supreme Commander 2.

The debug keyboard shortcuts are not applicable unless the game has been configured in debugging mode.

List of Keyboard MappingsEdit

Key LUA Function Description
Esc escape Deselects current selection or cancels current action
Pause pause Toggles Game Pause
Ctrl + F cap_frame Take a screen shot
Alt + L toggle_lifebars Toggle life bars
Ctrl + Q toggle_voice
Ctrl + W tog_military Toggle Military Overlay
Ctrl + I tog_intel Toggle Intel Overlay
Ctrl + O tog_strategic_overlay Toggle Strategic Overlay
Ctrl + Y tog_stratmode_icons Toggle Strategic Icons
F1 toggle_key_bindings Toggles the Key Bindings Screen
F2 toggle_score_screen Toggles the Score Overlay
F10 toggle_main_menu Toggles the main menu
1 group1 Recall Group 1
2 group2 Recall Group 2
3 group3 Recall Group 3
4 group4 Recall Group 4
5 group5 Recall Group 5
6 group6 Recall Group 6
7 group7 Recall Group 7
8 group8 Recall Group 8
9 group9 Recall Group 9
0 group0 Recall Group 10
Ctrl + 1 set_group1 Set Group 1
Ctrl + 2 set_group2 Set Group 2
Ctrl + 3 set_group3 Set Group 3
Ctrl + 4 set_group4 Set Group 4
Ctrl + 5 set_group5 Set Group 5
Ctrl + 6 set_group6 Set Group 6
Ctrl + 7 set_group7 Set Group 7
Ctrl + 8 set_group8 Set Group 8
Ctrl + 9 set_group9 Set Group 9
Ctrl + 0 set_group0 Set Group 10
Shift + 1 append_group1 Append Group 1 to current selection
Shift + 2 append_group2 Append Group 2 to current selection
Shift + 3 append_group3 Append Group 3 to current selection
Shift + 4 append_group4 Append Group 4 to current selection
Shift + 5 append_group5 Append Group 5 to current selection
Shift + 6 append_group6 Append Group 6 to current selection
Shift + 7 append_group7 Append Group 7 to current selection
Shift + 8 append_group8 Append Group 8 to current selection
Shift + 9 append_group9 Append Group 9 to current selection
Shift + 0 append_group0 Append Group 10 to current selection
Ctrl + H select_all_factory_onscreen Select all Factories on the screen
H select_nearest_factory Select the nearest Factory
Ctrl + Shift + L select_nearest_land_factory Select the nearest Land Factory
Ctrl + Shift + A select_nearest_air_factory Select the nearest Air Factory
Ctrl + Shift + S select_nearest_naval_factory Select the nearest Naval Factory
L pause_unit Pause
B toggle_build_mode Toggles keyboard build command mode on and off
Ctrl + A select_air Select all Air units
Ctrl + S select_naval Select all Naval units
Ctrl + L select_land Select all Land units
Ctrl + Z select_all_units_of_same_type Select all units similar to those selected
Ctrl + X select_all Select all units
Ctrl + C select_all_onscreen Select all units on the screen
Ctrl + B select_engineers Select all Engineers
Alt + Period select_idle_engineer Select the nearest idle Engineer
Period cycle_engineers Cycle through all Engineers
Comma goto_commander Go to your ACU
Alt + Comma select_commander Select your ACU
LeftBracket mode Cycle through all of the available fire states
Ctrl + K suicide Self + Destruct
Tab toggle_research_menu Toggles the Research Menu
Q zoom_in Zoom your View in
W zoom_out Zoom your View out
Shift + Q zoom_in_fast Zoom your View in fast
Shift + W zoom_out_fast Zoom your View out fast
V reset_camera Reset the Camera
T track_unit Track a unit in the Primary view
R repair Repair
E reclaim Reclaim
P patrol Patrol
A attack Attack
C capture Capture
S stop Stop and cancel all Orders
D dive Dive
F ferry Ferry
G guard Assist
U transport Transport
M move Move
N nuke Nuke
Ctrl + P pullinsmash Activate/Deactivate Vortex
O overcharge Overcharge
K acu_hunker Hunker
Ctrl + E escapepod Launch Escape Pod
Ctrl + J jump Jump Jets
Ctrl + T teleport Teleport
Alt + Z bombbouncercharge Mega Blast Manual Charge
Alt + X bombbouncermegablast Activate Mega Blast
Alt + M convertenergy Convert Energy to Mass
Ctrl + M convertenergyid Convert Energy to Mass
Alt + E electroshock Electroshock
Alt + H mobile_hunker Hunker
Alt + D powerdetonate Detonate
Alt + R triarmorhalfspeed Engage Mega Armor
Alt + Q magnet Activate Attractor
Alt + W magnetpush Activate Repulsor
Shift + R shift_repair Queue Repair
Shift + E shift_reclaim Queue Reclaim
Shift + P shift_patrol Queue Patrol
Shift + A shift_attack Queue Attack
Shift + C shift_capture Queue Capture
Shift + D shift_dive Queue Dive
Shift + F shift_ferry Queue Ferry
Shift + G shift_guard Queue Assist
Shift + U shift_transport Queue Transport
Shift + M shift_move Queue Move
Shift + N shift_nuke Queue Nuke
NumMinus decrease_game_speed Decrease game speed
NumPlus increase_game_speed Increase game speed
NumStar reset_game_speed Reset game speed to 0 (Normal Speed)
Ctrl + Alt + 5 diag_toggle_netstats
Ctrl + Alt + 6 diag_toggle_bandwidth
Ctrl + Alt + 7 diag_toggle_frametime
NumSlash show_fps Toggle the display of frames rendered per second
Ctrl + V cam_free
Alt + 0 print_buffs
Ctrl + Shift + RightClick Removes a command from a command queue.

Debug Keyboard Mappings Edit

Key LUA Function Description
Ctrl + Alt + P debug_navpath Toggles pathfinding debugger
Alt + F2 debug_create_unit Shows a dialog that allows you to create units
Alt + T debug_teleport Teleports selected unit to the current cursor position
Alt + A debug_run_opponent_AI Toggles opponent AI
Ctrl + Alt + B debug_blingbling Provides lots of resources
Alt + Delete debug_destroy_units Destroys selected units with no confirmation
Ctrl + Alt + Comma debug_graphics_fidelity_0 Set the graphics fidelity to minimum
Ctrl + Alt + Period debug_graphics_fidelity_2 Set the graphics fidelity to maximum
Alt + F debug_cam_zoom_far Quickly zoom the camera out
Alt + C debug_cam_zoom_near Quickly zoom the camera in
Alt + F3 debug_scenario_method_f3 Run the scenario method OnF3
Shift + F3 debug_scenario_method_shift_f3 Run the scenario method OnShiftF3
Ctrl + F3 debug_scenario_method_ctrl_f3 Run the scenario method OnCtrlF3
Shift + F4 debug_scenario_method_shift_f4 Run the scenario method OnShiftF4
Ctrl + F4 debug_scenario_method_ctrl_f4 Run the scenario method OnCtrlF4
Ctrl + Alt + F4 debug_scenario_method_ctrl_alt_f3 Run the scenario method OnCtrlAltF4
Ctrl + Shift + F4 debug_scenario_method_f4 Run the scenario method OnF4
Ctrl + Shift + F5 debug_scenario_method_f5 Run the scenario method OnF5
Shift + F5 debug_scenario_method_shift_f5 Run the scenario method OnShiftF5
Ctrl + F5 debug_scenario_method_ctrl_f5 Run the scenario method OnCtrlF5
Ctrl + Alt + F5 debug_scenario_method_ctrl_alt_f5 Run the scenario method OnCtrlAltF5
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F8 debug_campaign_instawin Marks all campaign missions as won
Shift + F6 debug_create_entity Shows a dialog that allows you to create entities
Shift + F7 debug_show_stats Toggle a dialog that shows game statistics
F9 debug_toggle_log_window Toggles the debugging log window
Alt + F9 debug_open_lua_debugger Opens the lua debugging window
Ctrl + Alt + W debug_render_wireframe Toggle the rendering of all geometry in wireframe mode
Ctrl + Shift + W debug_weapons Toggles the weapon arc debug information
Ctrl + Alt + O debug_grid Toggles the debugging o grid
Ctrl + Alt + U debug_toggle_ui
Ctrl + Alt + N debug_gpnav_overlay
Alt + V debug_skeletons Toggles wireframe skeletons for all units
Alt + B debug_bones Toggles bone display for all units
Alt + G debug_selected_attack_ground
Ctrl + Shift + X debug_redo_console_command Re + runs the last console command
Ctrl + Shift + C debug_copy_units Remember all unit types in the paste buffer
Ctrl + Shift + V debug_paste_units Paste a copy of all units in the past buffer
Alt + N debug_nodamage Toggle unit damage
Ctrl + Alt + E debug_show_emitter_window
Ctrl + Alt + R debug_reload_effect_templates
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R debug_reload_effect_utilities
Ctrl + Shift + R debug_give_me_all_research
Ctrl + Alt + Z debug_sally_shears Remove fog of war
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C debug_collision Toggle collision debug information
Ctrl + Slash debug_pause_single_step Single step the simulation while game is paused
Ctrl + F10 debug_restart_session Restart the current session using the same parameters
Ctrl + Shift + F1 debug_toggle_pannels
Alt + S debug_toggle_sound_info
Ctrl + Alt + S debug_toggle_sound_logging
Minus debug_set_unit_scale_down
Equals debug_set_unit_scale_up

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