Jaran Kael, aged 31, is the brother of Thalia Kael, the main protaganist in the Illuminate campaign. Jaran aids Thalia during the Illuminate campaign, the same way Daxil helps Maddox in the UEF campaign and Dr. Brackman helps Ivan during the Cybran campaign. Through providing intel about the commanders current situation and offering strategic advice. Jaran was apparently a very gifted commander in his time, before he unfortunately inherited his mother chronic disease. This disease could be delayed with the aid of Cybran technology, such as an artificial spinal cord and pair of eyes, but Jaran noblily declined this medical offer, as using this technology is believed to make the user impenetent to 'The Way'. Jaran's reason for aiding The Royal Guardians with his sister Thalia, is to bring the Illuminate back to the teachings of Princess Rhianne Burke and 'The Way' and away from the Coalition-dominate UEF. In the end of the game, his tombstone is shown confirming he died because of his illness.

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