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unpacked firing Jackhammer

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This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC. The Jackhammer Experimental Assault Artillery is a high damage experimental artillery for the UEF. The Jackhammer has a large cannon which sits atop a tracked chassis. Before it can fire the Jackhammer has to unpack which also gives it a defensive bonus.


  • The cannon on the Jackhammer has a slow rate of fire but does tremendous damage. The slow fire rate and tendency to get overwhelmed at close range are the biggest weaknesses of this unit.
  • The Jackhammer is also great for an advanced Point Defense for turtling. it can also be used to defend secondary bases near the front lines. If you can afford it, get it!
  • A deployed Jackhammer is immune to the effects of the Magnetron, and if supported by anti-air can be a quick way to pulverize them for the rest of your ground forces.
  • It is possible to sink submerged units with the Jackhammer if you make it attack the area above the submerged unit, due to its extremely large and powerful area of effect.
  • Small, compact bases are most vulnerable to fire from Jackhammers as its area of effect range will encompass more structures.
  • Much like Point Defenses, Jackhammers can be very effective when placed on high ground or behind walls because its range allows it more time to shoot and damage enemy units before they get under its minimum range.
  • This weapon is almost certainly based off of Starcraft's Siege Tank, though the Jackhammer's weapon takes time to reach its target.
  • The Jackhammer tends to be moved around by other units pushing on it when deployed.
  • If you have are in a game with an Illuminate ally, the space temple can be used to instantly teleport unpacked jackhammers across the map. If escorted with P-shields and sharpshooters, enemy forward bases can be wiped out quickly, efficiently, and with little to no casualties.
  • The Jackhammer is a great defense against large armies of small unites. Its AOE can takeout several of them at once quickly destroying large forces. If put in groups of five around you base they can easily make armies that were larger than 100 units die.

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