Iskaellian coast

Iskellian Coast is a 8/4 player skrimish/multiplayer map. It has 2 mountain coastlines and 4 islands in between, of which the largest two are connected with a brige. They are also connected to the shore with 2 platforms. 

Of course, you'll still have to worry about the 2 large masses of water to the left and right sides of the map, where Naval units are more than likely sure to end up fighting over eventually.

Strategy Edit

generally the strategy will be the same to that of Seton's Clutch, where the player in front will focus on land to suppress the enemy attacks, while the other players actually ATTACK the other commanders by simply building more units because they are relatively well guarded by the forward commander from conventional ground assaults. the strategies will vary slightly faction to faction (e.g. the illuminate units can double for anti-navy) but will generally remain the same.

Strategy: forward base Edit

generally the most skilled commander should be at the front lines simply because it is the most difficult role.

Strategy: rear bases Edit

this role is usually a little more relaxed than the front. air and navy are recommended for at least one of the back commanders, and one/two can build land to bolster the front lines.

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