Iluminate weaponry is directed mainly at a certain purpose, E.G, the U.C has powerful land based weaponry, but no a.a, the Airnomo, has devastating anti-air capabilities, but only mild land defense, because of alot their units and weapons being based toward one thing, that's why they have so many different types of experimental, each one to cover a different area(sea hunter, mobile a.a...), with exceptions on research upgrades like harvog A.A, and Yenzoo torpedoes from the infinite war pack expansion.


Tau Cannon: Fires a medium power energy spear (used by Yenzoo)Edit

Air-au bolter: rapidly discharges multiple energy disks (used by Harvog)Edit

Heavy disintergrator pulse Laser: Fires a blast of quantum energy at the target (used by urchinow)Edit

Anti-matter artillery: a dispersed version of the H.D.P.L, it generates a small and brief quantum eruption on the area it hits (used by urchinow)Edit

Disintergrator pulse laser: a weaker but more rapid version of the H.D.P.L (used by Illuminate point defense)Edit

Quantum focus ray: a beam focussing quantum energy streams into a laser (used by the assault pods from the wilfindja)Edit

Quantum phaser: a devastating laser created as a product of a stabilised quantum electrofield, generated from the energy stabilisers on the back of the Universal colossus (used by the Universal colossus)Edit


Linked Railgun: a simple A.A energy blaster with medium rate of fire (used by illuminate A.A turret)Edit

'Electron Autocannon': A powerful Quantum Arrow launcher that pierces through enemy aircraft (used by Airnomo)Edit

Shleo A.A autogun: A light version of the electron autocannon (upgrade for the Harvog and crahdow)Edit



Long rangeEdit

Quantum Wraith missiles: powerful quantum tactical missiles that crash down on enemy units (used by the fistoosh and illuminate tactical missile launcher)Edit

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