Starting build:

Build 4 Mass Extractors with your ACU and one of the Engineers, then with the other engineer build 4 Energy Generators. Once your ACU has finished building the Mass Extractors, build a Research Station, then send him towards the enemy's base. On the way to the enemy you can put down a Mass Extractor if you have the resources and there is one on your way. With the Engineers left at your base build more Mass Extractors and Research Stations. Harrass the enemy with your ACU and make sure the enemy is not sending units around your back so put up a Radar Installation at some point. If your ACU is taking too much damage, pull him back until you have your shield upgrade.

Teching order:

Put all your Research points that you get first into unlocking the shield for your ACU. Once you have got that, tech in the air tree 'till you get the Vulthoo Gunship. Now build 3 or so Air Factories in you base and start pumping the Gunships out (can mix up some fighter bombers as well if the enemy has air units, or just fighter bombers completely if he has a very strong air, in that case ignore the steps to unlock the gunship). Now with the rest of your tech make your way to the Overcharge ability. Use the Rogue Nanites ability to heal your comm and use Overcharge when you send your ACU in to do some damage. Next, unlock until you have the teleport and the Escape Pod. With the rest of the tech points you are getting you can either train up your ACU or strengthen your air force with some upgrades.

Other notes:

  • Annoy your opponent early on with your ACU.
  • Use the gunships to protect your comm when in battle and to harrass when not.
  • The gunships serve the sole purpose of forcing your opponent to build anti air which takes focus off your ACU while your ACU is teching to get overcharge.
  • Once you have gotten the gunship flow going, get some ground forces to aid your ACU as well.
  • You should be aiming to get 6 - 8 Research Stations within 10 minutes of the game start, its important to have your ACU strong early on as you will not have forces to stop a rush (your ACU should be dealing with this).
  • Build turrets in or just outside the enemies base so that you have some place to fall back to if your ACU is getting overwhelmed.
  • Use the teleport (with the extra range upgrade) to teleport right in the back of the enemies base and use Overcharge to destroy a large chunk of the enemies' buildings (power and research mainly), by the time he can react, your teleport should be recharged (careful versus UEF as their buildings hurt!).
  • Use the teleport as soon as your shield is broken, wait for it to recharge and go back in (highly annoying).
  • Once you kill units and (especially!) buildings reclaim the reckages for extra mass and to deny the enemy of rebuilding on the husk.


  • Experimental rush (Megalith II Experimental Megabot, Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle).
  • Building a mass of light assault units or tanks can overwhelm a commander early on. Generally, the rushing ACU won't be in a good position to defend against large groups of units until 6+ minutes, so hitting him fast with lots of ground units can cause him to either fall back and abandon his rush or destroy him entirely.
  • Add more counters here if you find any.
  • If playing as the Cybran, build multiple Loyalist forces toward the ACU with your own ACU upgraded with increased damade and health. Send the Loyalists on a sicidal rush and self destruct when you are close enough. Focus some Adaptors close to the ACU to protect him. This is a very likely way to destroy enemy ACUs, thus making the rush ineffective. NOTE: let your ACU attack from a far distance so that is not caught up in the ACU Nuke Destruction.


ACU rush replay

Fonix za 03:25, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

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