Igneous is a 6 (not 8/4 as previously stated) player map. It holds six islands around a main island. Two of those being larger and capable of holding large bases. The main island is connected by thin land bridge with two small coves on either side.

Four of the 6 outer islands hold 2 mass points each, this is great for UEF and Cybran players as they can make a naval outpost on one of them.

There are 4 spawn points on the main island and 1 on each of the "larger" islands. The players on the "larger islands" will often play air, whilst the player on the left at the bottom or at the top on the right will play land, and the player in the last spot will play navy. Both players on one team may play dual land, but will suffer from long range powerful naval units, like the executioner class.

Due to the nature of this map, diverse strategies will be formed. This is because all the spots have naval access, 2 are protected by a mountain an opponent must walk around and cybran gets walking land X_X

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