Geothermal Borehole
SC2 MP 204 ui mapimage
Map Details
Code n/a
Player Configuration 2v2/FFA
This small map is a great fast-paced FFA gamemap for up to 4 players. Naval Units aren't able to be build because there is no water in this map. The most used strategic in this map is Air Attack, the small 4-way crossroad makes land invasions easy to defend by all players. A good placed artillery can hit all enemies and will certainly be useful to assist your air!

It is also a very good map for the illuminate experimental Loyalty gun. if it's  placed halfway across your section of the bridge you can capture 2 enemy players buildings and units.  if it's placed  in the middle you can capture almost everyones units. 

Take as many mass deposits as you can, as mass is not in many places at all.