The Gauss Cannon is a standard UEF direct fire weapon. It is similar to a railgun and usually has square barrels.


Here are some Gauss Cannon Projectiles in flight


The Gauss Cannons on this Fatboy II have been circled

Where can it be found?Edit

The Gauss Cannon is used on the Rock Head Tank, the Mastodon Cruiser, the Poseidon Battleship, King Kriptor Experimental Assault Bot, the Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle, and the AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane.

What does it do?Edit

Direct Fire - The Gauss Cannon is usually a relatively powerful direct attack weapon. In its traditional role (as on the Rock Head Tank or Mastadon Cruiser) it delivers fairly high damage at a fairly slow fire rate with little or no splash damage. Its damage output is severely limited by the enemy maneuverability: a quickly turning or strafing foe can avoid its damage entirely, though this is rarely a major issue considering the relative difficulty of executing this tactic and the relative size of SupCom2 units. These attacks are best employed against regular ground units, light or heavy: the relatively light weight of each shell makes group fire easy and effective against enemy vehicles of light or medium weight, and the even damage distribution makes attacks against structures or experimentals predictable and effective.

Indirect Fire - The Gauss Cannons secondary function, as displayed by the Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle, is as an artillery weapon. In this incarnation the shells are typically larger, slower, and less precise, with arcing trajectories. However, these attacks provide area of effect damage, making them preferable against clustered enemies, and significantly higher damage, making them more effective against shields and heavier armor. This attack capability makes indirect gauss weapons the weapon of choice for UEF players against enemy emplacements: high damage allows shield penetration and structure demolition, while area of effect damage makes affords superior capability against enemy troops staging near factories, especially if bombarded before they can begin moving.

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