The Gauge-style Capture Strategy is a risky but effective crippling strategy to undertake. The strategy involves getting an excessive amount of engineers into an opponents base and ordering them to capture every structure in sight.

The steps needed for this strategy to work efficiently are:

  1. Scout the area first. Make sure you have clear intel on what is going on in your opponents base and what your engineers can capture before you launch the attack, so you know what to expect.
  2. Transport the Engineers into the enemy base. It is recommended that you use transports to get your engineers into the base, rather than just ordering them over there.
  3. Order your Engineers to capture your enemies structures QUICKLY. It is greatly stressed that you order your engineers to capture their targets quickly, because, depending on your opponent, you could get absolutely no-where and end up with 15+ wasted engineers if you are too slow.
  4. Order you Engineers to assist the captured structures. This causes extra distress for you enemy if they attempt to destroy the captured structures.

Like stated above, this strategy is a crippling strategy, and is not meant to be used as an offensive strategy. Once all your engineers have captured enough defenses, or have taken away their focus, that is when you launch your attack, not when all your engineers have perished.


  • Instead of using transports to get your engineers into your opponents base, a Noah Unit Cannon is a much more effective way in the late-game of getting them there quicker and less-affected from Anti-Air defenses.
  • Another good way of getting your engineers there, is through the Space Temple, which is even quicker than the Noah Unit Cannon, completely safe from Anti-Air, but also can set-up an opponent's counter-attack.
  • If you have enough resources, it is also a good strategy to, once your opponents have captured you opponents structures, get them to build one Point Defense turret each. This can potentially get you 15+ Point Defenses which could either set you up a new base, or quickly eliminate the enemy ACU.
  • This entire strategy can be reformed by the effective use of a Loyalty Gun. Using Engineers to build a forward defended Loyalty Gun outside your opponents base, can effectively speed this whole strategy up and be more effective entirely with the extreme potential of the Loyalty Gun itself.
  • This strategy can be turned into a small offensive operation by instead of using your Engineers to capture your opponents structures and units, you can order them to reclaim the structures and units. This allows you to operate the Engineer swarm a lot quicker, and can totally clear out your opponents defenses for an attack of your own.

Weaknesses and Counter-measuresEdit

  • If you haven't scouted your opponents base, they could have massive amount of defenses, leaving your attack hopeless.
  • Like the above, if you haven't scouted your opponents base and you unfortunately launch your army on you opponents base, it will get owned quickly.
  • If you have fallen victim to this strategy, a good counter-measure after your opponent has captured your structures, is to capture them back instead of destroying them and rebuilding new ones.
  • A good way to prepare for this kind od attack, is to separate you Point Defenses slighty from your structures, so they can pick off the engineers as your structures 'soak up' the capturing.
  • If your opponent has focused on Air forces, they can destroy your engineers quicker and more effectively than if they used Land units, because the Air units wouldn't be capturable.

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