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Faction Cybran
Location Altair II: Coalition Commander Center North
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The Great Leap Forward Surface Tension

Campaign DetailsEdit

The Royal Guardians have stolen key information and technology that will allow them to operate the planetary ecosynthesizer known as Shiva Prime on Seraphim VII.

You need to stop them from entering the Quantum Gate on Altair II and traveling to the planet.

Main ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Band of Commanders Kill all of the Guardian Commanders.

The Royal Guardians have sent three former Commanders--Burkett, Larson, and Walker--to the Quantum Gate on Altair II. You must stop them from taking control of the area and passing through the Quantum Gate.

  • 10 Research Points (5 per Commander, Third Commander ends Mission)
2.0 Brothers and Sisters in Arms Keep Commander Maddox and Thalia Kael alive.

Your friends are surrounded, and you must protect them from total annihilation.

  • Campaign Completion

Secondary ObjectivesEdit






Research Technology

Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

UCX0112Soul Ripper II

Access to Soul Ripper II

Hidden ObjectivesEdit

Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Sultan of Soul Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
  • 5 Research Points

Some Hints and Recommendations for this Mission, other than following the Objectives, is to use the Illuminates Space Temple against them. Before doing that though, the way to defeat the first Commander with ease, is to flood him with escorted Megalith IIs. Easy. When taking down the second Commander, other than using Air Superiority, try and set up forward bases near the Space Temple to save time. Using Soul Ripper IIs, Renegades and Gemini's is definitely the way to go in terms of a Quick and Economic Victory. Sending in volleys of 2 Megalith IIs, with escorts, to clear out Air Defenses and ake way for your air superiority is a great way of taking care of the second commander. The third Commander just needs the largest combined forces army you think is necessary and take him out.

More Hints: A wall of PD turrets to the south and east, protected by ADV Adaptor AA/AM units proved quite effective and stable against land and air assaults. Immediately starting the game, set the engineers to scavenge any resource, build 2-3 energy converters, and mass extractors. Build a land factory, while the factory is being built create 3 PD turrets in the east and south. Once the land factory is operational send Adaptor AA/AM units to protect the turrets; just make sure the units are behind the PD turrets. The final defenses consisted of 16 PD to the south and about 40 Adaptor units, 4 shield towers, and one engineer in the middle repairing the units. The western defenses consisted of 2 engineers, ~20 PD turrets, 80 Adaptor units, and 4 shield towers. The final assault consisted of 3 air groups, each group consisted of 26 gunships and 1 Soul Ripper (the final group had 2 Soul Rippers). Each air group targeted a different commander. No defenses or structures were targeted, only the commanders.

Recommended Strategy:

Economy The Recommended Financial Strategy in my opinion would be to build Energy Generators in the Middle of where you Started. Don't bother building the Mass Extractors, but rather Reclaim anything that's close to the Middle. And build lots of them. And make sure you Research in Mass Converting as soon as possible. Then select your Energy Generators and convert Energy into Mass. Remember that you can Convert with several Generators simultaneously. (By Default, hold Shift while selecting Units. Alternatively, double-click on one Generator to select all Units of the same type currently visible on the Screen.). After 10 Minutes I had over 30 Energy Generators set up in the Middle. And well over 13,000 of Mass to spend.

Defence As you start the Mission, a small group of Enemies will attack from the East. I'd suggest you attack with your small group of units, as well as your ACU. Also, a few minutes after you've started the Mission waves will be attacking your Base from the East and South. Eventually Assault Blocks will attack you, for me, the Assault Blocks attacked from both sides simultaneously. So I suggest you set up 6-8 Point Defenses to both the East and the South. Covered by 3 Shield Generators each. This should take care of the Assault Blocks and no structures should be Damaged. (Note, this Strategy was used when I played on Hard.).

Also, 8 Illuminate Gunships will attack from the East. So Anti-Air Towers are recommended. Yet again, 6 should take care of them rather quickly. But I set up 12 in total, just to get rid of them really fast.

It also seems like shortly after you've Researched the Soul Ripper, 12 Illuminate Gunships will attack from the North-East. In my case, they we're just about too far away from my AA Defences. But I managed to get AA up quickly by using several Engineers.

Eventually, the Enemy will send a Experimental Saucer at Maddox. I suggest you send a few Soul Rippers over there to finish the Saucer off. I built a total of 8 Soul Rippers and sent them there, letting the Artilleries take out whatever they please.

Offense Considering your steady flow of Resources, you're free to do pretty much anything you'd like. I, however. Have always been a huge fan of Artilleries. So, as you could've guessed by now - I built Long-Range Artilleries. Just North of my Base. I however, also built a few Soul Rippers(Remember that you'll need to build at least 4 to complete the Hidden Objective!). Keep in mind, that if you place your Long-Range Artilleries too far to the West, they won't be able to reach some Structures.

I built a total of 23 Long-Range Artilleries, which managed to obliterate the Yellow Base as well as the Commander in a few Minutes.(The Commander is incredibly tough.)

The Base to the East will most likely be out of range for you Artilleries if you place them like I did. However, dispose the 2 closest Commanders by using your Artilleries. And then attack the last Commander with your Soul Rippers. (8 of them killed him in just a few seconds.) You could probably win much faster if you go straight for Soul Rippers and build, say 10-12 of them.

Note(s): The more Engineers you've got, the faster you'll get the Artilleries/Experimental Gantries up. I got the Artilleries up in just a few Minutes... Maddox and Thalia will automatically abuse the Space Temple's weakness when it's clear. This meaning, you as well could exploit it. To do so, just send a group of Units through the Space Temple Location.(Marked on the map as a Ferry Icon.)

It is also wise to get up a lot of energy generators with mass conversion and get 4 nuclear missile silos and nuke them but the nukes must be placed close together in order for them to work.

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