PC UpdatesEdit

Utilising the Steam distribution method, it is possible to receive automatic updates to fix game bugs, alter balance issues and finally close any loopholes that may be exploited during multiplayer matches to gain an unfair advantage.

Xbox UpdatesEdit

The 360 has received updates that allows users to play new maps and improved A.I, but hasn't received any patches that prevent Mass exploiting or any other glitches.

Version 1.25 (hotfix)Edit

Released: December 08, 2010

Version 1.24Edit

Released: November 15, 2010

Version 1.23Edit

Released: November 07, 2010

Version 1.22Edit

Released: September 22, 2010

Version 1.21Edit

Released: September 15, 2010

Version 1.20

Released: August 31, 2010

New Features

  • Added AI Custom Options menu to allow fine control of each AI's Core Strategy, Build Speed, Resource Income, Veterancy, Intel, and Target preference.
  • The pre-order maps Emerald Crater, Iskellian Coast, QAI Prototype Facility, Seraphim VII Site, and Weddell Isle are now available to play for all players.
  • Added a Cybran Mass Convertor structure, unlocked via the research tree.
  • Added “No Artillery Structures” to game exclusions list.
  • Added "No Mass Conversion" to game exclusions list.
  • Added shield range ring indicators both during placement and on mouse-over.
  • Added factional shield coloring, and quicker impact effects to improve overall visibility and feedback.
  • Added a keybind to turn the UI and all associated in-game clutter on and off for screenshots and movies: Ctrl-U.
  • Updated the current ranked season to season 2


  • Increased Mass Convert cost to 2500e and income to 250m.
  • Increased Mass Convert cooldown to 10 seconds.
  • Killing enemy units will now generate 25% less Research.
  • Illuminate Rogue Nanites heal decreased to 5,000. Was 10,000.
  • Illuminate ACU Shield health decreased to 12,000. Was 15,000.
  • Illuminate ACU Teleport, Damage, Rogue Nanites and Personal Shield upgrades each increased by 1 RP.
  • Illuminate Rogue Nanite's range increased from 10 to 15.
  • Cybran Battleship range decreased to 90. Was 115.
  • Cybran Kraken health and damage increased by 50%. Weapons no longer prefer unique targets.
  • AI veterancy cheat buff is now an increased vet rate, rather than free levels.
  • Illuminate Point Defense cost increased to 200m/440e. Was 190m/420e.
  • UEF P-Shield health increased to 600. Was 400.
  • Nuke cost increased to 1000m/4000e for each projectile. Was 750m/3000e.
  • Mobile units that are hunkered will no longer be affected by the magnetron.


  • Fix for being able to assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction.
  • Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction.
  • Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the range check.
  • Fix for AI not sending early attacks.
  • Fix for Air units not accepting multiple destruction part meshes in their blueprints.
  • Fix for AI ACU going back and forth when there are enemies nearby.
  • Fix for AI not using the Noah Unit Cannon.
  • Fix for units getting strung out along cliffs.
  • Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird after using an ability.
  • Fix for beam weapons not turning off when units were loaded onto transports.
  • Fix for Hover units not triggering properly when killed.
  • Fix for UEF Long Range Artillery not being able to fire at their upgraded max range.
  • Fixed Sonar Radius buffs to work like Intel Radius buffs.
  • Units that are dropped from a transport will no longer infinitely loop their move ambient sound.
  • Fix for AI units trying to climb hills.
  • Fix for UI-based ACU duplication exploits.
  • Fix for replay files not closing properly under rare circumstances.
  • Fix for Platoon position being on unpathable terrain and screwing everything up for the AI.
  • Fix for units being teleported when dropped from a transport over invalid terrain.
  • Fix for the wrong leader being selected for Air units.
  • Fix for GPNav group leader selection. Agents are eligible to be the group leader only if they are close enough.
  • Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird after using an ability.
  • Fixed resources getting refunded for units that have completed building and are cancelled with the stop command.
  • Fix for units getting stuck against walls if they started out moving via steering only (no flow field).
  • Fix for naval units not receiving commands outside the playable rectangle.
  • Fix for some air units in a group slowing way down.
  • Fix for crash when issuing guard on the ground.
  • Fixed a version number crash when loading a saved skirmish game.
  • Fix for crash when loading a save game while a unit is jumping.
  • You can no longer send air units through an enemy Space temple beacon.


  • When we buff a unit's max health we now set the units health percentage to the same as it was before the buff was applied.
  • Removed the visual effect on other units from the Bodaboom and Universal Colossus to improve performance.
  • Increased Bodaboom buff check time to 8 seconds and Universal Colossus to 6 seconds to improve performance.
  • Changed the Bodaboom range circle to match the Bodaboom's buff range.
  • Attempting to join a game when you have modified files and the host does not (or vice-versa) will fail with a warning message. This is true for joining through the game browser or by receiving an invite.
  • We now disable collisions on units while they are in a transport.
  • All Air to Ground and Ground to Air projectiles will no longer collide with each other.
  • Units that die while jump jetting will fall like air units.
  • Anti-Nukes will now show the proper Available/Max numbers when you hover over the build AntiNuke button.
  • Made path requests NOT immediately reset from cost stamp collisions.
  • If you lose and have a human ally that is still alive, you can no longer hear sounds from enemies under the Fog of War and can no longer see decals created under the Fog of War.
  • We no longer remove units from their group when issuing ability commands (except in special cases).
  • GPNav now allocates all the memory it will require for Integration Fields at the start of the game to improve performance.
  • Jump jetting units will now adjust their flying height to avoid colliding with terrain.
  • Reduced the effect ambient sounds have on the game's framerate.
  • Improved 'should dodge' logic so if your push class is less than, then you should dodge.
  • Improved 'pass through walls' handling so battleships don't get pushed onto the shore.
  • If a unit cannot move as fast as the group, then the unit's speed bonus max is 15% instead of 50%.
  • Fixed air units group speed calc, so its not just the leader speed.. its the speed vote, just like land units.
  • Illuminate Flare effect updated. Now less expensive, added an on ground impact effect.
  • UEF Disruptor Station Activation Effects. Bigger for better player feedback.
  • Illuminate Electroshock beam and impact adjustments.
  • Illuminate Radar Overdrive, added activation effect.
  • All faction scaffolding effect LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range.
  • Tri-armor buff effect. Now better looking and less expensive.
  • Reclaim, Capture, Repair, Build effect LOD adjustment. Better player feedback at further LOD range.
  • All Faction Unit destroy LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range.
  • Experimental Unit weapon effect LOD adjustments. Better player feedback at further LOD range.
  • LOD update on unit upgrade, build bonus, overcharge, mass convert and hunker. Better player feedback at further LOD range.
  • Changed text for shield restrictions to imply structures only.


  • AI will now use path markers for attack and scouting.
  • AI will build additional radar away from its base.
  • Magnetron will now look for targets in a radius around itself, rather than the base it is assigned to.
  • AI will now build the Cybran Mass Convertor.
  • AI will build more than 1 mass convertor, if needed.
  • AI will now prioritize getting the Mass Convertor research if it has a high amount of energy stored.
  • AI will no longer mass convert when it has enough mass already.
  • AI will now build more Pgens when Mass Convertor is researched, rather than waiting for it to be built.
  • AI will use the buffer size to check for blocking terrain (via GPNav) before building a structure.
  • AI will try not to nuke its own units.
  • Improved AI research paths.
  • Removed Radar and Vision cheat buffs from the AI.
  • Added Naval Neural Net.
  • Updated the Neural Net data based on several hundred new simulation sets.
  • AI will wait until it has a mass convertor before going nuts with Pgens.
  • Land, Balanced, and Rush AIs will put a higher priority on getting an Air factory if they can't reach an enemy by land.
  • AI ACUs will no longer build Naval factories. This will be handled by Engineers.
  • The AI will once again use the Illuminate Space Temple.
  • Adjusted AI platoons to prevent the AI from stalling when hitting unit cap.
  • AI can now use Naval units to guard its base.
  • Guard base platoons will now guard a wider range.
  • AI will build more engineers per expansion base.
  • AI will only build up to 10 research facilities.
  • AI will take mass fabricators into account when looking at income/spending ratio.
  • AI will build Gantries in expansion bases more.
  • Improved AI Nuke/Anti-Nuke behavior.
  • AI platoons will no longer Jump Jet or Teleport unless at least 75% of the platoon can make the move.
  • Platoons that the AI wants to run away will now clear previous commands.
  • AI Neural Nets will now check to see if an enemy unit's shield is active when performing threat evaluation.
  • AI units will no longer run to deactivated bases.
  • AI will now use carriers appropriately again.
  • Added a new function to the Platoon class to get a platoons shortest attack range.
  • Micro distance is now based on the Platoon's shortest attack range.
  • AI will now do a quick pathable check when looking for places to build.
  • Engineers will no longer look for things to reclaim or units to repair while attached to another unit.

Known Issues

  • Replays from previous versions will not function with this version.
  • Skirmish Save games from previous versions will not function with this version.
  • Campaign Save games from previous versions will not function with this version. Campaign progress (unlocks) will still be preserved, however.
  • When exiting a multiplayer game or skirmish before victory conditions have been met, there is a 10-second window during which replays will not save. The temporary workaround is to wait 10 seconds before pressing the "save replay" button.
  • "It would appear there is also a bug where multiplayer games (seems random, no specific map or game settings) will crash at the end of the loading screen. I'm still not sure if all or only some of the players are affected each time this happens, but I do know that in one of the games I played where I knew another of the players, we both crashed at the same time." --Paul 'mr0ldie' Stewart, 9/7/10

Version 1.16Edit

Released: June 4, 2010


  • Skirmish Save/Load. Skirmishes can now be saved in game using the Menu > Save Game Function. Skirmish saves can be loaded while in a skirmish game or from the main menu under Skirmish > Load Saved Game.
  • Players who have been eliminated in a skirmish or multiplayer game, but have remaining allies that are all AI, will be set as an observer will full map view, and may exit normally at their discretion.
  • AI Engineers and Land Scout platoons will now execute optimized pathing (performance improvement).
  • A user friendly version number will now be shown at the top of replay files. Replays that do not have the matching version number of the build will generate a “failed to load” message.
  • The default folder for save games, replays, screenshots and log files has been updated to \My Documents\My Games\Square Enix\Supreme Commander 2\.
  • Added redundant checking on games returned by Steam in matchmaking. This check ensures that the game fits within the filters specified for Steam. Previously old data could be called when rapidly narrowing a search.
  • Illuminate Bodaboom aura range now displays as a weapon range.


  • Fixed condition where the first player leaving a multiplayer game would stop automated replay recording.
  • Further refinement of search filtering for ranked. It was possible that someone could join a ranked game because they met the criteria when they initiated the search, but then narrowed their search and no longer met that criteria. We now check for this case and reject the connection.
  • Fix for most common case of players getting in an unable to join state when closing a multiplayer game from a lobby.
  • Artillery Weapon Range boost will now correctly affect Long Range Artillery, increasing its range.
  • Fix for AI violation of Research build condition.
  • Fix for AI not building enough research stations.
  • Fix for AI not building enough factories late game.
  • Fix for Naval AI not building a Naval factory at all, and for secondary condition of not building them outside its starting base location.
  • Fix for uncommon case of units not doing anything when running away.
  • Fix for AI Land platoons not running away.
  • Fix for AI not properly utilizing the Noah Unit Cannon and Carriers for building.
  • Fix for Defensive builders going to the wrong task state when they fail to find a build position.

Balance and Tuning:

  • Engineers will no longer circumvent assist mitigation when ordered to assist open ground.
  • AI has improved seeking/hunting capability against hidden commanders.
  • AI will only build Artillery/TML in their base if they have enemy structures in range.
  • AI will build more generators after they have a Mass Converter (or the research for the Cybrans).
  • AI will normally only build shields in their bases when there are structures there to protect.
  • AI will not build excess mass extractors.
  • Illuminate ACU Energy Income Boost research decreased to +200%, was +300%. Decreasing Mass Income Boost to+250%, was +400.
  • Decreased Rate of Fire on Illuminate flares by 33%.
  • Added a 25 second rebuild time when the Proto-Brain is destroyed. Added a Cybran Proto-Brain crash damage of 2000.
  • Increased minimum radius on Long Range Artillery to 150, was 50.

Known Issues:

  • Replays cannot be created from a game that has been loaded from a Skirmish save, the UI does not currently reflect this. Although it appears to save, it does not, and the “Replay LastGame” feature will actually play the last valid replay.

Version 1.15Edit

Released: May 7, 2010


  • Fixed a crash when performing a game save on Campaign mission 17, “Surface Tension”.
  • Fixed UI exploit allowing ACU duplication.
  • Fixed a skirmish/multiplayer crash when AI was attempting to use a Space Temple that had previously been destroyed.
  • Fix for AI hangup while targeting for Artillery and Tactical Missile Launchers at extreme range.
  • Fix to AI withholding resource reservations for construction units that have died.
  • Fix for AI factories getting stuck not building.
  • Fix for rare game crashes related to the AI resource manager.


  • Introducing the new advanced “AI Overlord”.
  • The AI Overlord can now direct multiple AIs in team-wide attacks and defenses against priority targets and threats (Easy AI will not participate in Overlord operations).
  • The AI Overlord can merge disparate AI platoons for game operations (Easy AI will not participate in merged platoons).
  • Added Main Menu buttons for viewing the ranked Leaderboards and the Global Chat Room.
  • AI can send and respond to distress calls from nearby AI allies.
  • AI can notify AI allies about priority threats such as Nukes and Artillery.
  • AI will now perform evasive maneuvering in close combat to mitigate damage from unguided munitions (micro).
  • AI will now redistribute excessive resources from the “Slush bucket” late game.
  • AI improvements in evaluating potential Landing Zones.
  • AI can now mix Experimentals with Conventional units into platoons on creation.
  • AI now considers mixed group strength when dispatching attack groups.
  • Added larger AI platoon sizes to accommodate mixed platoons.
  • AI will now build transports sufficient to handle extended mixed platoons.
  • Engineer platoons will now use Route threat checking when finding a place to build mass extractors.
  • Lowered Engineer extractor platoon threat threshold.

Version 1.14Edit

Released: April 27, 2010

Balance and Tuning

  • Mobile Artillery Damage Radius decreased to 5. Was 6. Cost increased to 54m/120e. Was 50m/115e.
  • Long Range Artillery Damage Radius increased to 6. Was 3.
  • Cybran ACU TML Damage decreased to 200. Was 400.
  • UEF ACU TML research cost increased from 3 to 5. Damage reduced from 200 to 120.
  • Cybran ACU Anti-Air research cost increased from 4 to 6.
  • UEF ACU Anti-Air prerequisite changed to Health II.
  • UEF ACU Range boost reduced from +50% to +25%.
  • UEF ACU Damage research cost increased from 3 to 4.
  • UEF ACU Health research cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • UEF ACU Artillery research cost increased from 6 to 7. Rate of Fire decreased from 0.3 to 0.2.
  • Kraken cost decreased by 15%.
  • Wilfindja cost decreased by 15%.
  • Speed Reducing Mega Armor now uses Damage reduction instead of increasing Health. Reduces damage by 50%.
  • Illuminate PD shield upgrade Health increased to 1000. Was 800.
  • Illuminate AA shield ugprade Health increases to 950. Was 750.

Version 1.13Edit

Released: April 21, 2010

New Features

  • Added a warning dialog when a player accesses multiplayer with modified data
  • Adjusted exploit handling for research during game initialization
  • Adjusted exploit handling for hotkey-triggered commands
  • Land AI will default to Air factories faster on non land maps
  • AI will build units from factories that are outside its primary base radius
  • AI platoons will loiter less and instead attempt to move to the best possible place to do damage
  • The starting base locations will now generate less econ threat to the AI causing the AI to more aggressively target buildings outside the starting base locations
  • The AI will more quickly respond to attrition, and retreat appropriately


  • Fixed a potential crash encountered when entering the game summary screen with an AI present
  • Fixed an issue where the AI could repeatedly queue the same unit (especially transports)
  • Cybran AI will now properly research naval walking

Version 1.12Edit

Released: April 16, 2010

  • Fixed an issue where air transports failed to drop units in campaigns

Version 1.11Edit

Released: April 15, 2010

New Features

  • New AI categories are now available via the Skirmish or Multi-player lobby menu:
    • Air: Focuses on Air units.
    • Land: Focuses on Land units.
    • Rush: Focuses on large amounts of land units and less on defense.
    • Balanced: Balanced between Land and Air.
    • Naval: Focuses on Naval units.
    • Turtle: Focuses on defenses and Experimentals.
    • Random: Chooses one of the above based on various factors.
  • Added the Steam avatar for each player on the multiplayer summary screen: This will let players click on the avatar image and access that player's Steam profile. From there, they can add that player to their friends list if they've had a good match
  • Added Mic Icons display in game when bringing up the in game score menu (F2) allowing players to mute individual players


  • Added anti-cheating code that will detect modified lua files and prevent playing with unmodified users. This also prevents achievement and leaderboard updates. Still permits playing with others who have identically modified their games.
  • Disconnections in Ranked: The game now tracks the number of disconnects a player has during Ranked 1v1 matches. If you exceed a certain percentage of disconnects to games played, they will count as losses instead of wins.
  • AI Improvements:
    • The AI will no longer get stuck in its startup build sequence if rushed or if there are build restrictions in place.
    • The AI will choose an appropriate archetype based on unit restrictions.
    • If a unit type is restricted the AI will act as though the unit does not exist in the game.
    • AI will now group units based on their target enemy's threat.
    • AI will now group experimentals based on their target enemy's threat.
    • If the victory condition is Assassination we are artificially inflating the Neural Net data to make attacking the ACU more desirable for both Land and Air units.
    • AI can now respond to being attacked by Nukes or Artillery, even if it cannot see where it is coming from.
    • Fixed a bug where threat build conditions were not being used.
    • The AI should no longer attempt to send attack platoons to unpathable areas.
    • The AI will hold back units until it thinks it has enough to make a push based on defensive intelligence.
    • Fixed an issue where the AI would constantly pull units back to attack an expansion base instead of pushing forward.
    • The AI will no longer build more than 3 transports unless it has land units and it is not a land map.
    • Added AI response to make a land AI get land unit AA upgrades if the enemy has air units.
    • The Naval AI will not build more than 3 subs unless the enemy has Naval.
    • If Research is disabled the AI will not build research facilities.
    • The AI will add a small amount of threat to all enemy start locations so it knows where to find them.
    • Platoons will try to only attack areas where they think they can do enough damage before dying.
    • The AI will react to enemy TML, artillery, or Experimentals by building more shields and placing them closer together.
    • The AI should send a more appropriate number of units based on enemy threat.
    • AI will build and use Mass Convertors.
    • If the closest enemy to the AI is a lot weaker than the other enemies the AI will focus on the weak enemy.
    • The AI's air units will wait longer before re-evaluating which target to attack.
    • The AI's NUC will now check for pathability before firing units.
    • The AI's Nuke Launcher will now check for pathability before firing.
    • You can now select which AI type you would like to play against from the dropdown in the game lobby (random is still an option).
    • AI will build factory shield upgrades more often, not just when the enemy has air.
    • Factory upgrades now have a threat value.
    • AI should react better to an enemy having nukes.
    • AI will not build research stations if it already has everything researched.
    • AI will not build a mass convertor until it has enough energy to convert.
    • Added bigger Air and Land platoons.
    • When a build item has a resource type of All the AI will use Slush first.
    • Added build conditions to check for current target enemy threat.
    • AI air scout platoons will now path around threat as much as possible.
    • Mass convertor research is now a higher priority for the Turtle AI.
    • Changed some threat evaluation when deciding where to attack.
    • AI will build fewer MMLs and Mobile Artillery.
    • Added a new function to store the victory condition for the AI.
    • When an AI unit dies it will add threat to the instigator's location to warn other units.
    • Added some anti-turtle measures.
    • Fix for units that were built outside of the AIs base not being used.
    • Fix for AI not using its full base radius.
    • Land AIs on Island maps should build Air factories to build transports.
    • AI should send platoons when it is at unit cap, no matter what.
    • AI will space out naval factories more to prevent blockage.

The Ranked maps have been updated to

  • Markon Bridge
  • Clark Training Center
  • Coalition Ship Yard
  • Arctic Refuge
  • Open Palms
  • Finn's Revenge


  • Fixed units arriving from Space Temple teleport immunity to Magnetron effects
  • Fixed Engineer pathfinding in crowded conditions
  • Fixes for occasional crash if Client disconnects at the same moment Host launches Ranked game
  • Fix for Crash / Soft Locked: Players can get soft-locked in the 'Starting Game' screen if other players disconnect when matchmaking begins 'Starting Game'
  • Backspace will reveal all characters in the edit box when you have more characters than the visible section

Tuning and Balancing

  • Capturing units now provides the same experience as killing them

Version 1.10Edit

Released: April 8, 2010

Size: 30.7mb

New Features

  • Ranked 1v1 System! (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
  • Ranked Challenge System (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
  • Unranked Quickmatch (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
  • Map Pings - Added three different kinds of map pings for team play. F5 issues a generic alert to your teammate at a specific location, and it appears as a yellow arrow when zoomed in and a yellow animated ping indicator in strategic mode. F6 is a Move ping, and it uses a blue indicator. F7 is Attack ping, and it uses a red indicator. Color coded arrows will appear on each edge of the screen where your teammate has placed one of these for you to view
  • Multi-player lobby ready-up checkboxes will now "uncheck" any time a host changes the settings
  • Changes to multi-player lobby exclusions, game-type, etc. will show up in the multi-player lobby chat box when the host makes changes
  • Voice icons display next to each player in the multi-player lobby allowing the user to mute individual players
  • Menu version number – The game now displays a version number on the Main Menu. The versioning has been adjusted at this update to 1.10 to accommodate future updates
  • AI now starts as a random faction


  • Cheating fix: Closed a loophole in the code that allowed some players to enable limited cheats
  • Fixed rare crash if player gets kicked out of the lobby and submits chat text
  • Fixed rare crash when player hits the enter key in the Skirmish menu
  • Fixed replacing ready kicked player with AI causes the AI options to be locked
  • Fixed inability to join DLC map games if you don't have the pack as a client

Tuning and Balance

  • UEF Assault Bot Research cost decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Cybran Battleship Range reduced from 128 to 115.
  • Cybran Destroyer Energy cost increased from 500 to 650.
  • ACU Training bonus reduced to +25% per level.
  • Soul Ripper II Anti-Air Damage reduced by 50%.
  • King Kripter, Colossus and Cybranasaurus-Rex Health and Damage increased by 35%.
  • Cybranasaurus-Rex Range increased from 22 to 32.
  • Wilfindja Speed increased from 3.6 to 4.6.
  • Gantry build time reduced from 120 to 100 seconds.
  • Pulinsmash weapon range increased from 50 to 100.
  • Darkenoid Health increased from 20,000 to 27,500.
  • AC-1000 primary weapon damage blast radius increased from 1.5 to 3.
  • Cybran Air Rate of Fire boost Research cost increased from 3 to 5.
  • Bodaboom Health boost increased from +20% to +30%. Aura radius increased from 20 to 30. Added a +200% regeneration bonus.
  • ACUs are now repaired 150% slower.
  • Increasing ACU storage size to 15.
  • UEF Submarine weapon range increased by 50%. Movement speed reduced from 6 to 5.25.
  • Structure bubble shields now take twice as long to come back online.
  • Anti-Air Tower damage increased by 25%.
  • ACUs and Engineers now get a Sonar range equivalent to their Radar range.
  • ACU/Escape Pod Experience value increased to 7500.
  • Gantry Experience value decreased to 1250.
  • UEF/Illuminate Mass Convertor Experience value increased to 750.
  • UEF/Illuminate Mobile Anti-Air Experience value decreased to 100.
  • Fighter/Bomber Experience value decreased to 250.
  • Transport Experience value increased to 750.
  • UEF Fighter & Bomber Experience value decreased to 200.
  • UEF/Cybran Battleship Experience value increased to 1500.
  • Cybran Destroyer Experience value increased to 750.
  • UEF Submarine Experience value decreased to 150.
  • King Kriptor, Universal Colossus, Cybranasaurus Rex and Pulinsmash Experience value reduced to 3000.
  • Cybran Intel Add-on Vision radius is now correctly set to 75.
  • Fixed an issue with Cybran tactical missiles that prevented them from hitting a target if it was really far away.
  • Illuminate ACU Teleport time reduced from 10 to 6 seconds

Known Issues

  • Translation for the Ranked Games Interface in European languages will be in our next update

Version 1.4Edit

Released: March 25, 2010 Fixes and Improvements

  • Space Temple beacon now has cool-down timer set to 30 seconds before it can be moved.
  • Anti-nuke fix: Anti-nukes will never fire more than one anti-nuke off at a single enemy nuke.
  • Fixed sorting issue with password entry overlay, remaining background is now grayed out.
  • Non-host Gamer-tags now displaying correctly in multi-player lobbies.
  • LightFX enable/disable added to the advanced video options (for Alienware setups).
  • Fixed bug where bringing the in game score would error out when observers were present.
  • Fixed start position images on the skirmish menu.
  • Added color codes for the ping numbers.
  • Updated chat team chat text format. Team text now cycles when the check box status changes instead of when text is sent.
  • Overcharge was incorrectly being affected by ACU Training 3. It no longer is.

Tuning and Balance Cybran/Illuminate Mass Fabs

  • Changing prerequisite for Cybran Mass Fabricator to Shield Generator.
  • Increasing Illuminate Mass Fabricator Research cost to 6 RP.

Space Temple range

  • Increasing Space Temple range from 500 to 700.


  • UEF Artillery RP reduced from 8 to 6. Cost reduced to 800m/2800e.
  • Cybran Artillery RP reduced from 9 to 8. Cost reduced to 750m/2750e.


  • Reducing Health from 4000 to 3000.
  • Increased Energy cost from 430 to 600.
  • Decreased Regen from 11 to 5.

Kraken Torpedo DPS

  • Increasing damage from 50 to 200.

Version 1.3Edit

Released: March 17, 2010

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Private games have been replaced with Friends Only games. This means that you can mark a game as "Friends Only" and it will only be seen in your friends' "Friends" tab
  • The game browser has two new filters: Show Passworded games, and Show All Regions (both off by default)
  • Added "Test Ping" to the Skirmish menu, which will simulate in game traffic volume (based on number of players) for 5 seconds. This will help players find problematic network connections before getting into a game
  • Color coding on pings in skirmish lobby. When a ping is greater than 400 it will be yellow, and when greater than 500 it will be red
  • Games list in the games browser can now be sorted on each column
  • Cybran and Illuminate air factory veterancy fix: factories now calculate veterancy rate correctly
  • Fix to ACU not firing after activating its reclaim beam, while issuing a move order
  • ACUs can now be attacked while under water
  • Air units are no longer damaged if they fly over an activated Magnetron

Balance and Tuning

  • UEF P-Shield shield Health increased by 25%
  • Universal Colossus can now also be unlocked by researching the Urchinow
  • Overcharge cooldown increased to 35 seconds. Was 25
  • Transport build costs increased by 50%. Reduced Health to 4000. Was 4500
  • Darkenoid primary beam weapon Damage increased by 50%
  • Cybran Air Radar, Cybran Air Vision, Illuminate Land Vision, UEF Air Vision, UEF Land Radar, UEF Naval Radar and UEF Naval Sonar research all reduced by 1 Research Point
  • Illuminate ACU Radar boost increased to +175%. Was +100%
  • UEF ACU Radar and Vision boosts increased to +150%. Was +100%
  • UEF Fighter & Bomber shield Health decreased to 175. Was 200
  • Gunship Speed reduced to 6. Was 8. Shield Health decreased to 150. Was 600. Build Time increased to 27. Was 24
  • UEF ACU Artillery research cost increased to 6. Was 4. Damage Radius reduced to 5. Was 6
  • Cybran mobile artillery Movement Speed reduced to 2.8. Was 3.2
  • Cybran Carrier build cost reduction of 33% added
  • All factions' ACU AA upgrade Damage increased by 25%
  • Airnomo cost decreased 10%. Health increased to 13,000. Was 10,000. AA damage increased 50%. Direct Fire damage decreased 50%
  • Cybran Battleship AA Damage reduced by 40%

Version 1.2Edit

Released: March 11, 2010

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Ghost lobbies: Fixes issue when player cancels join game in multi-player lobby causing an un-joinable ghost game to persist
  • Saved games no longer reference Steam nickname: Prevents issue where players who changed their nicknames after saves were no longer able to see their saved games. Does not inoculate existing saves made prior to this fix
  • Replay crash: Fix for low-repro issue of replays crashing when loading in twice

Coming Soon

  • Ranked games and custom skill match-up games coming soon

Version 1.1Edit

Released: March 6, 2010

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved path-finding and performance for larger games
  • Navigation fixes for Cybran Protobrain and UEF experimental Transport
  • Range rings for Illuminate Space Temple
  • Rare Desync fix
  • Improved Eyefinity support
  • Victory message for Players in MP game
  • Game type indicator on in-game scoreboard
  • Dead player indication on in-game scoreboard
  • Passworded games for your friends will now show up in the friends tab (see related known issues below)
  • Setting Exclusions in skirmish lobby will no longer reset player choices (color, team etc)
  • New Multiplayer Leaderboards
  • Also added message to players when they leave the chat on Summary screen and on Skirmish
  • Added [TEAM] tag to the messages that are sent to team only
  • Highlight on top scores in summary screen
  • MP UI polish - Multiple fixes and polish throughout the MP menus

Balance and Tuning

  • Proto Brain vision radius increased to 32. Was 10
  • Soul Ripper, Darkenoid, Mega-Fortress and Star King Extreme crash damage set to 5000
  • AC-1000 crash damage increased to 1500
  • Fixed Cybran Gunship strategic icon
  • Space Temple now shows its max range
  • Proto Brain and Star King Extreme navigation radius fixed
  • UEF Gunship RP cost increased to 5. Was 3
  • AC-1000 RP cost decreased to 5. Was 6
  • Wilfindja movement speed increased to 3.6. Was 3
  • Gantry cost reduced to 400m/1300e. Was 450. Build Time reduced to 120. Was 150
  • Decreased UEF Transport AA by 50%
  • Fixed Illuminate Land Radar boost description
  • Reduced Research Station mass cost to 375
  • Megalith Energy cost reduced to 2300. Was 2650
  • Cybranasaurus Energy cost reduced to 4900. Was 5250
  • Urchinow Energy cost reduced to 2100. Was 2550
  • Fatboy Energy cost reduced to 2350. Was 2690

Known issues

  • Joining passworded games via the "Friends" list still not functioning to spec. Joining via standard game list fully functional
  • Default games list is currently limited to games hosted in your current Global Steam region. We will be adding a "Show All Regions" button in the next patch. There is currently no limitation on inviting Friends from any region via Steam, however

Coming Soon

  • Ranked 1v1 matches. Currently targeting the end of March. We'll have more info soon