This is one of the Anti-Air research upgrades, mounting anti-air weaponry on all non-experimental UEF ground combat forces that do not have AA capabilities by default. While it is a high tier research (being a parallel technology to the King Kriptor) it is also very powerful, allowing the Rock Head, the Titan and the Demolisher to respectively rival, equal and surpass the AA capabilities of the UEF's dedicated AA unit, the Archanist.

This upgrade can easily allow a commander to forfeit dedicated AA units entirely and instead use the more powerful or versatile land attack units instead. Mass for DPS, the Demolisher is in fact only marginally less efficient in its AA role than the Archanist.

The UEF also has a sister upgrade in the form of a Gauss Upgrade for the Archanist, transforming it from a pure AA unit to an equally versatile allrounder as the land attack units equipped with the AA upgrade.

Units UpgradedEdit

This upgrade applies to the:

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