This page deals with the optimal tactic to deal with a certain type of experimental along with a small escort.

These strategies will be cost efficient in mass and are multiplayer tested.

UEF ExperimentalsEdit

Fatboy IIEdit

The Fatboy II lacks anti-air capability. The best way to deal with these is to launch fighters or fighter-bombers to take out the aerial escorts (if present), and then launch a concentrated gunship attack. Fatboys have high range Gauss cannons and can shell your base from a significant range, so deal with them in open territory. Fatboy has medium heatlh so it can be annihilated by 20 tanks or bot near it.

Atlantis IIEdit

The Atlantis II only carries 25 planes, and has lost the anti-air capabilities it had in the original Supreme Commander. However, it now has Battleship-caliber Gauss cannons mounted on the sides.

If it is traveling submerged with an escort of Tiger Sharks, bombers with torpedo capability will slowly whittle its hit-points down. When it surfaces to launch fighters, use conventional naval assets like battleships to take it out.

As Illuminate just send an air escorted Wilfindja. It's speed and torpedoes will annihilate it if it is not overlooked by surface ships/hover tanks

Cybrans may have the hardest time with this, as their best anti-sub is destroyers, which will require several of, making it rather cost ineffective.

King KriptorEdit

This is a tough one. This monster wields enough offensive power to take out dozens of tanks. However, it is slow and has no anti-air.

Use gunships and fighters to take out the anti-aircraft escort, and given enough time, a single gunship will pulverize it. Nukes are not recommended, unless supported by a monstrous economy, as it takes three to destroy it.

AC-1000 TerrorEdit

The AC-1000 Terror has strong anti-ground capabilities. It has no anti-air though, so fighters are the best bet for attacking it. The Airnomo or several shielded Anti-Air Towers also work well.

UEF Air FortressEdit

About 15 fighters can overwhelm this capital ship. However, bring more because if it is carrying fighters, it will launch them all out, or simply be underneath AA coverage over a base.

Cybran ExperimentalsEdit

Megalith IIEdit

This is a fairly hard one. get a small army next to it as fast as possible (perhaps using jump jets, teleport or the unit cannon) and destroy it. you can also use gunships and bombers, however as the megalith has anti-air, you should use at least 10-12 gunships. 20+ gunships will take it out in about 5-10 seconds and if upgraded should be able to do it without suffering a single loss, one loss maximum. Never use bombers, because they are useless vs adaptors escort.


Use the same tactics you would use to attack an Atlantis, but watch out, it has very strong AA. However, it also suffers from a very short range, so stay out of its range and you can easily defeat it. However, if your UEF and the Kraken has no escort 3 Tigersharks should be enough since the Krakens torpedo abilities are quite weak. Even with a naval escort enough Tigersharks will solve the problem.


The Magnetron is probably the hardest experimental to destroy. Do not assault with any land army except strong experementals like colossus, as it will simply devour them (and give the enemy wielding it a ton of mass). Never use bombers, because they are useless versus shields, use gunships. Using AC 1000 is also a good idea.

Bomb Bouncer Reflector ShieldEdit

This one is fairly easy to accomplish. You must not use air units or artillery, as the bouncer's shield will only reflect it back at your units. With other words, you can normaly kill it only by strong direct fire experementals kile colossus or kriptors. It is mandatory to not use gunships as this will only strengthen it's attack capabilities.

Illuminate experimentalsEdit

Space TempleEdit

This one is easy. As soon as you can see the beacon, shove an army down it. The bonus? You can maybe do some damage to wherever they built it! However, you must be careful when doing so. The enemy may plan on this and build a substantial amount of Point Defense turrets and quickly bait you into a fight you have little chance of winning! Proper scouting is key to a successful Space Temple Raid.

Universal ColossusEdit

The strategies for dealing with this are similar to dealing with the King Kriptor. Long range artillery or air units but keep in mind that it has a superior armor to that of the King Kriptor. Experimental gunship units, Darkenoids and gunship swarms work well against it. The Colossus can be relatively easy to outmaneuver with non-experimental land units; a land force with appropriate numbers and upgrades may be able to kill it. It is not recommended to use any lone land experimental against it due to its high dps and health. The only land experimental that can really survive practically unscathed is the DLCs Monkeylord, which has much more health and dps than the Colossus. Attacking with another Colossus or ACU is not recommended, because they will be severely weakened and can easily fall to other enemy, non-experimentals units.

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