This strategy focuses on deploying land experimental units as fast as possible, in order that you may use them while they have more dominance on the battlefield. Due to the structures of the Land research trees of the factions, it works best as Cybrans, though the UEF and Illuminate can pull it off to a lesser extent.

Early GameEdit

The first thing you want to do is not build any factories. Instead, direct your resources into consuming more mass deposits and building several research stations (as well as minimal defensive turrets). Direct all your research points towards researching the requisite land experimental units. For the Cybrans, you'd want to research through to the Megalith II then the Cybranasaurus Rex. An alternate method is simply to research straight for the major experimental, though in tests with the Cybran Nation this does not appear to speed things up. Once the first experimental is researched, immediately build a Gantry (with your ACU if possible, it builds twice as fast). If you're attacked before this point, use your ACU or defensive turrets to survive.

From there, start cranking out multiple experimental units while you continue researching towards the other land experimental. Keep 2 or 3 around for defensive purposes (1 if you researched the major experimental first), then when you have both unlocked and a couple of each built, attack. It is likely that at this stage, the enemy won't have the force necessary to defend, unless he rushed you first (in which case, it's unlikely you made it this far). If it's an assassination game, target his ACU ignoring everything else except shields in your way. Otherwise, use your major experimentals crushing ability and walk through his base and generally wreak havoc as much as you can.

While this is happening, be sure to build more experimentals. you can repeat the process on any other enemies in the match, or throw more at him if this fails.

Late GameEdit

This tactic is best for the Illuminate, considering the raw power of their experimentals:

Elite Army:

For turtlers, this is a very satisfing way to win. Build research stations and extractors. Research all defense capabilities, then experimentals. While doing this, be sure to make your base impervious and start building Gantries. Once you have researched all experimentals, Build an army mainly composing of Urchinows, with Darkenoids and Airnomo's for support, plus a frontline of fifty or so Collossi. Then fully upgrade your commander and build a Space Temple. Build a Sea Hunter and send it's drones around the map if you haven't already found the base. Once the army is ready and base located, send in your Darkenoids to soften up the enemy and then teleport all your experimentals, Collossi, Airnomo's, then Urchinows and your commander. If this fails, (which is highly unlikely) your commander has a high chance of escaping. All the while keep building experimentals to pound the enemy. If you've set your base up well then your opponent shouldn't be able to wipe out what is left of your forces, and you can start again.

For Cybran:

Bear Trap (this works best on water maps):

Expand as fast as you can without losing hold of your territory until your enemy's base of operations is surrounded. Then build experimental gantries and naval gantries (if you can). Get long range artillery built on all fortifications. As you build a force of G.T.s to carry your Cybranosaurus's. Then build Battleships, Megalith II's, and Hydra's for an amphibous assault to poen up an LZ for your transports, one of which should carry a fully upgraded commander. Make sure though that your main force is battleships and Soul Rippers however, as they are highly effective. To carry out an assault first pound your enemies with artillery, then send in Hydras to destroy coastal defences while you move in Megaliths and battleships, and send in your GT's, drop off their units, and send in Soul Rippers. If you don't have the naval option use Megalith II's to open up holes in the enemy defence. Then move in all your units on the main base with your most godlike weapon at hand, your commander.

For UEF:


This is extremely similar to the Cybran assault, except you use Star King's Atlantis II's, Fatboys, Kriptors, AC-1000s, Disruptors and your UEF commander instead. Air Fortress's and Noah's are also suggested. Garrison as many land or air units in your factory role experimentals, then send in experimentals first before dropping in the main force. Be sure not to send your Air Fortress's in unless you are sure they won't be shoot down, as their crash can hurt you more than your opponent. As a last resort, use your Disruptors.


  • The best choice for research once both experimentals are unlocked is probably the Training upgrades. These apply to experimentals and will give them an added boost.
  • Note that this strategy leaves you very vulnerable to an early rush of some kind, but is highly effective when properly used.
  • Be very careful with nukes. Unless proper anti nuke range is available, the only unit likely to survive a nuclear barrage is the Cybran Commander, who on it's own can still finish the job, but a mass of units will kill it.

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