360 hd engineeringtower u

The icon for the Engineering Tower

The Engineering Tower is an unlockable upgrade for Energy Generators that is only available to the UEF. It automatically repairs units and buildings within a radius of all existing generators. Any generators built after this upgrade is unlocked will also gain the ability. The Engineering Tower is also capable of finishing the construction of buildings started by an ACU or Engineer.


  • The Engineering Tower provides an efficient way to rapidly repair armies near a base, because it is likely that there are multiple Energy Generators stationed there.
  • The Tower also allows the player to quickly build new buildings next to existing Energy Generators due to the useful ability to finish construction. The player can also use this technique to build additional Generators, making a compound effect.
  • The combinded effect of UEF defenses, shields, artillery, and Engineering Towers typically makes them the best faction in the game for people who use a turtle strategy, with special emphasis on the Engineering Towers. While every situation is different, always remember that short-lived attacks will tend to fail against people playing a UEF Turtle strategy, as any damage which does not completely destroy their buildings will be quickly repaired automatically by the Engineering Towers. As a result, when trying to defeat a UEF Turtle, you should amass your forces in a safe area and strike with all of them at once, to ensure that none of your opponent's base survives to automatically repair itself. Only a massive rush can defeat a turtle - multiple small skirmishes won't work.

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