End of an Alliance
Uef at
Faction UEF
Location Coalition Command Center on Altair II
Previous Next
Factions or Family Plan None

Campaign DetailsEdit

With the alliance between the UEF, Cybran, and Illuminate crumbling before your very eyes, the only chance for peace is to take the fight directly to the UEF and eliminate their military presence on Altair II by taking out its leader, Colonel Rodgers. Keep in mind that this is the final UEF campaign mission and is extremely difficult.


Main Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Panic Attack Push back the UEF.

Provide immediate assistance to Commander Greer. Move your ACU and army to Commander Greer's position and assist him in fighting off Colonel Rodgers's armies.

  • Access To Objective 2.0/3.0
2.0 Chain Reaction Lower the primary Reactor Shield.

Destroy the three substations that are powering the shield to expose the Reactor Core.

  • Access To Completion of Objective 3.0
3.0 Core Damage Relieve Colonel Rodgers of his command by destroying the Reactor Core.

Colonel Rodgers is housed deep inside a Commander Center that is powered by an enormous Generation IX nuclear reactor. The entire place will go nuclear if it blows, taking out Colonel Rodgers and ending his plan to take over the planet.

  • Campaign Completion
Secondary Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Research Technology Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

  • Unlock Noah unit cannon
Hidden Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Nuke King Launch your first nuke.
  • 5 Research Points
2.0 None Shall Pass! Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.
  • 5 Research Points


At the beginning of this mission you start with your commander and a small force of land units. You are unable to build and must fight your way to Commander Greer's position. On the Easy and Normal difficulties you can just command your land units to move to Greer, on Hard you must micro your commander to tank for your army. Continually move your ACU out in front of your units so he can draw the enemy's fire while your forces destroy them. It can be beneficial to use your commander to capture enemy units rather than attacking them, but be careful to prevent your army from destroying the unit before it is captured. Concentrate on capturing enemy Engineers, which can keep your Commander healthy and help get your base up and running once you reach Commander Greer.

Once your army reaches Commander Greer, it will initiate a cut scene where Greer wants to escape and 'go his separate way'. Ironically Greer chooses to head towards Rodgers office, to where he gets defeated by 'too many' transports and is blow sky high. You are left alone in charge of Greer's base; your new goal is to destroy three substations lowering the primary reactor shield . Start reclaiming the pile of destroyed units right in front of your base. Use the mass and provided research to quickly get a Noah Experimental Unit Cannon up and running. Since the Unit Cannon builds at 1/3 the cost and 1/7 of the time use it instead of land factories to reinforce your land army. Switch to researching land upgrades and build a land gantry. Start constructing Fatboys and push out to the two mass extractors at the top of the first fortress bridge. Make sure to bring plenty of anti-air as your forces will constantly be harassed by Broadswords. Once you have started constructing a Fatboy and added sufficient base defence use the Unit Cannon to launch an army to one of the two outside substations. With a few upgrades a single volley from the Unit Cannon will be enough to take out the substations. After a substation is destroyed Rogers will send a King Kriptor at you. Your Fatboys can use their range to decimate a King Kryptor before it gets close to your base. Launch another volley at the remaining outside substation and again defeat Rogers' responding King Kriptor.

The remaining substation can be a little bit tricky as it is guarded by Fatboys, Fortified Artillery, and a King Kriptor. If you have several Fatboys up and running you can move your army forward to the bottom of the main fortress bridge. From here you can trade long range shots with the enemy Fatboys and destroy the substation from afar. Again bring plenty of AA or Rock Heads upgraded with AA, as there will still be fleets of enemy Broadswords about. Be aware that Rogers will launch everything he has left at you, once the last substation is destroyed. At this point you can destroy the primary reactor at your leisure. A volley of Rock Heads will bring a quick end to this mission.

The hidden objectives can be completed fairly easily if you don't worry about time. Before you destroy the first substation use a few Fatboys and plenty of AA to move up to the bottom of the main fortress bridge. Once you have cleared the surrounding enemies build a forward base defended by shields and light artillery. With sufficient Fatboy and artillery fire you can prevent any King Kriptor from crossing the bridge. Build and launch a nuclear missile, before attacking the primary reactor, to complete the other hidden objective.

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