The Illuminate Electroshock tech allows a energy generator to be changed into a long range Point Defense for a period of time.


  • Range is 33% farther than the illuminate PD (or +50% more range of other factions). This is 10 range units farther than mobile missile launchers.
  • Damage is 80% of a PD's unupgraded damage while active.
  • Beam instantly hits its target, so that there is less wasted DPS.
  • Energy generators are cheap, costing about 36% of the cost of a regular PD.
  • Energy is generated while the ability is active.
  • Effective if placed behind regular point defense


  • This weapon takes 300 energy to use. If you had mass conversion, that means you lost 30 mass.
  • You cannot assign a target to the beams, so it has a tendency to target buildings over units.
  • This ability has about a 30% duty cycle (meaning it rests for about twice the time it is active)

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